The Rapture is imminent and a new book, the Departure, is being prepared to warn the world what happens next. By Alan Franklin.

If readers are wondering why postings on this site have been scarce recently, the reason is: I’ve been writing for a new book!

The title is: The Departure: God's Next Catastrophic Intervention into Earth's History and the theme is the Rapture, which all the writers believe to be imminent. The man behind this is Terry James, one of the world’s leading prophecy experts and one of those behind Rapture Ready, the world’s top prophecy website, which is linked to ours.

The publisher is Tom Horn of Defender Publishing; Tom is best known for his Raiders news site-

The aim of the book is to wake up the world to what is coming: the Rapture, the Great Tribulation and the second coming of the Lord Jesus.

Says Terry: “I believe the Lord wants this book to help present His prophetic message for these troubling but exciting days just ahead.”

The list of writers and their subjects is guaranteed to make this a best seller, with Chuck Missler kicking off chapter one with the topic: Worldwide Violence: As it Was In Noah’s day. Chapter two features our dear friend Larry Spargimino of South West Radio Church, with whom I have made many radio broadcasts and conference appearances. Larry’s subject is Twenty-First Century Sodom: As It Was In The Days of Lot, which speaks for itself.

Terry James takes over for chapter three: Nostradamus, 2012 and Other Deception. Remember, the end times are marked by deception as our Lord foretold. There are 18 chapters and other titles include Abortion: Blood Sacrifice to The Gods of Planet Earth, by Joseph Chambers; End of Days Demons in High Places by Thomas Horn; The Temple Mount Tempest by Todd Baker, Grasping for Global Governance by Daymond Duck; Economic Engineering for The New World Order by Wilfred Hahn and Raging World’s Religions by Don Perkins.

Chapter ten sees the start of my contribution with the title Turning to Fables: The Emergent Laodicean Church. I have also written the final chapter, Big Brother is Here - all about the surveillance society and where it is heading – a one world government headed by the ultimate control freak.

Terry James wraps it up with a hopeful note –In The Twinkling, all about our pending departure.

I have sent my 14,000 words over to Terry’s editor, Angie Peters. The deadline was early April and it is hoped to get this book out this summer. We will be selling some on this website and will have more details shortly. This is a book for all Christians who want to know what in the world is going on and the spiritual significance of the unsettling events happening round the world.

It is also a book for all those left behind, including hundreds of millions of those who thought they were “Christians” just because they were baptized as babies, or sometimes attended church services. For only the true church of committed, born-again believers in the Lord Jesus will be taken out of this world before God’s judgment falls. That is imminent. Be aware- and be prepared.

This book is not yet available but the latest two books by Pat and myself are: Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults And Isms: True or False?These books are packed with information, Bible teaching and the results of tens of years of research. This is a chance to buy them before they are deemed politically incorrect and removed from sale, for such are the times about to come upon the world.  


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