Interview shows Tory leader has nothing to offer.

In an interview of stultifying banality TIME Magazine faced David Cameron. The former asked some stock questions and the latter managed the entire interview without saying almost anything of note, merely trotting out one cliché after the next! (If you think I’m exaggerating go look on: ) Charisma is clearly a dirty word in Notting Hill. But perhaps since – as he says – he’s knee high in nappies that explains it. They do have that effect. However, whilst not boring you with all the drivel I think it important to how he twists the situation over Europe. He claims – well, sort of – that the party is united on its “settled view” of doing nothing and – ignoring all opinion polls - claims that “the vast mass of the British public agree”. He wants the EU “as it is now”. He breaks his promise and he lies. Pointless to vote for him - we have that kind in New Labour already Christina Speight ================================== TIME: Foreign affairs closer to home must be causing you concern: Your party tore itself apart over the European Union, and now the nightmare is returning, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel trying to revive the EU constitution. David Cameron: It shouldn't be a difficult issue for our party because it's an issue on which the Conservative Party now has a settled view, which is that we want to be in the European Union, but we want a flexible, open, trading union and we are opposed to further integration of the European Union. And it's a position that the vast mass of the British public agrees with us about. Ten years ago, [former Conservative Party leader] William Hague was a lone voice against the single currency. The Confederation of British Industry and the Labour Party and lots of others were saying Britain wouldn't have a future outside the single currency. Now, you can hardly find a politician who wants to join the single currency, so I think the Conservative Party is in the right position. The idea of bringing back a constitution with lots of transfer of power from the nation states to the center is complete head-in-the-sand. The French and the Dutch voted no. This constitution is dead. It doesn't matter how hard you try to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — to mix my metaphors — this bird is not going to fly. So the Conservative Party is in a rather strong position. I was just reading the papers this morning — the government is in rather an awkward position because Blair said a number of things, and [his presumed successor, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon] Brown. They said Europe can't work without this new constitution. They said we needed a great battle in the United Kingdom — "Let battle be joined" was Blair's remark — and we're going to have a referendum. It's intensely embarrassing for them now. The last thing they want is for this constitution to come back and for there to be a referendum. But they're having to eat all their words, and it's the Conservative Party that's been proved right. So, if we're sensible and stick to our principles and set out why Europe can work better as it is now without a constitution, then there's every reason why we can win this issue. TIME: You've lost a couple of people in your parliamentary party recently because they felt you were insufficiently Euroskeptic... David Cameron: I didn't really lose them. There were two peers [members of the House of Lords] who had advised people to vote for another party, who we'd suspended from the Conservative Party, who then eventually defected. So it was very much of the Dog Bites Man news story.


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