As the world's birth pangs increase prior to the Lord's return, we note that America doesn't feature in end times prophecy. What's the explanation?

As we move deeper into the times of the birth pangs leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus, as detailed by the Lord himself in Matthew 24, the world is watching as “unusual events” occur with increasing frequency. Prophecy students generally agree that America is nowhere in Bible prophecy. So how will the USA vanish from the scene, or lose so much power that it ceases to be a world player? 

The article that follows, from a science site, shows that a massive earthquake – or several – is one possibility. The coming financial meltdown will soon remove America’s economic power which in turn means it cannot be strong militarily. Armies and weapons need to be paid for and just funding the social security bill- and Obamacare- will be beyond the USA. Our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, shows in great detail why our nations MUST be judged, indeed are being judged right now. However, this is as nothing compared to what is coming.

I gave a talk to our church one Sunday called: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Men’s hearts will faint due to the terrible calamities heading mankind’s way, for this sin-sick world is coming to the end of its mad descent into sin and depravity. God is calling “time.” The good news for real, born-again believers is that when we see these things happening the Lord tells us to look up, for our redemption draws near!  

The rapture could come any time now: nothing in Bible prophecy has to take place before this momentous event, one of the most astounding happenings in world history, which will leave those left behind shaking with fear. True believers only will be taken out, to escape the wrath to come. God’s wrath never falls on the church. Those left behind will include most people in the apostate big denominations and the make-believe Christians of all the false denominations, which we set out in our book Cults and Isms, True or False?

It’s make your mind up time, readers. The choice will soon not be there for you to make, for once the true church is removed from the earth the worst time in world history commences, the time the Jews know as “the time of Jacob’s troubles.” Our books are available from this website, so if you want to make sense of what’s happening, get copies and spread them round your friends. They answer the questions everybody is – or should be – asking.

Now here’s the earthquake information: A massive earthquake on par with the recent catastrophic seismic event in Japan could happen in two places in the United States, scientists say.

Geophysicists estimate that the Cascadia Subduction Zone, an intersection of tectonic plates just off the northwestern coast that stretches from the northern tip of California up to Canada, is capable of generating an earthquake with a magnitude as high as a 9.0.


The last time the area shook that hard was 300 years ago. "There were hardly any people living on the Pacific Northwest Coast in 1700," said Heidi Houston, a seismologist at the University of Washington's Department of Earth & Space Sciences. "But it generated a huge tsunami that traveled to Japan and destroyed coastal villages there. The Japanese records show that the causative earthquake could only be our Cascadia Subduction Zone and it had to have been a magnitude-9.0."


By analyzing sedimentary deposits in low-lying areas along the coast, paleoseismologists have determined that large tsunamis (almost definitely produced by large earthquakes) strike the Pacific Northwest about every 500 years, give or take 200 years. Because the last one happened in 1700, "that means sometime in the next 400 years it will happen again," Houston told Life's Little Mysteries, a sister site to LiveScience.


Scientists aren't able to provide a more specific time frame than that. They know what conditions must be present in an area to lead to massive earthquakes, but, according to Nathan Bangs, a geophysicist at the University of Texas, "it's hard to do useful predictions."


"The low-lying areas have deposits that give a record of repeated history of tsunami inundations, and how big they were. That means you may know the likelihood on the order of hundreds of years, but it doesn't give the likelihood in the next few years," Bangs explained.


A 9.0 earthquake is also possible in Alaska, the most earthquake-prone state in the U.S. In 1964, the Aleutian fault separating the Pacific and North American plates ruptured near the city of Anchorage, resulting in a 9.2-magnitude earthquake – the second largest ever recorded on a seismograph.


The San Andreas Fault, commonly perceived to be more dangerous than the Cascadia Fault because of the proximity of several major California coastal cities, is not actually capable of generating a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. "The biggest one there would be just under 8.0," said Houston.

This article was from a site called  Life's Little Mysteries 


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