The Big Bang is baloney! by Pat Franklin

I am so sick of hearing people on TV talking about the Big Bang*.  After hopefully setting our TV to tape the British series 'Stargazers Live' I deleted the link in disgust after enduring one and a half programs of Big Bang propaganda.

But the program did get me thinking - are we actually at the center of the universe after all?  I know we have been lied to about evolution; have we also been lied to about stars and our position in the universe? 

The Bible is the plumbline. I know it is absolutely reliable and the source of truth in all things, including scientific things where they are mentioned.  After all, the Creator of all things tells us in Genesis when He made all things (in the beginning), and in what order they were made (the earth was around on Day 1; the sun, moon and stars had to wait until Day 4). 

The Bible also tells us that God hung the earth 'on nothing'.   In many scriptures God tells us that He stretched out the heavens, and those scriptures were written thousands of years before science found that stars and galaxies are still moving away from one another.  The Bible also tells us that one day God is going to roll up the heavens like a scroll, and Peter tells us that the earth will be destroyed by fire, with the elements melting.  Of course the Book of Revelation also tells us that God is going to make new heavens and a new earth where there will be no evil at all.  Yes!  There is a glorious future for the people of God, and the Lord has been so kind and gracious to tell us what it is!

Joshua famously prayed that the sun would stand still so the enemies of Israel could be thoroughly defeated.  As one friend of ours noted - the sun, not the earth.  So what is going around what?  Or was that a poetic description? 

Atheists would have us believe that the earth is an insignificant speck in an unimportant sector of a vast galaxy where there are probably far more intelligent races out there somewhere. 

The Bible tells us the truth:  we are it, folks!  God made us in His image; we are special; our planet is special; we have a destiny and it is a great one if we will only get on board and go with God's plan. 

What is this great plan? That men and women can actually know, personally know, the Creator, and live with Him enjoying His company and His creation forever!  He loves us!  And He wants to share His creation with us!   His plan is magnificent and beyond anything we could ever ask or think.  I am so sorry for all those who choose to believe the atheists on TV and in the college classrooms.  What a drag life is with no purpose, no eternal goal, descended from some monkey, headed for the grave - no wonder some students commit suicide or run amok.

Thank God for the scientists who know the truth, who love God's Word, the Bible, and find that true science always agrees with it.  You will never see them on mainstream TV, and probably never have the great privilege of being taught by one of them in a college or university.  How very priveleged are those young people educated by Christians who love the Bible.  In 12 years at Catholic schools I never once encountered a mention of the Bible!

Getting back to the cosmos, I know that earth is at the very epicentre of God's great plan, and as for its position in the universe, I checked out my favorite scienists at Creation Ministries International,     There you will find articles by many great men including Dr Russell Humphrey, author of 'Starlight and Time'.  He believes that the our Milky Way galaxy is at the center of the universe (galactocentric), and that we are positioned on one of the spiral arms for specific reasons.  Here is a link to a very technical article by him on our position in the universe and if, like me, the technicalities are too complicated, scroll down the article to Number 12, the Spiritual Implicatios of a Center: 

Or you can watch Dr Humphreys on:

In that wonderful youtube video, Dr Humphreys presents a very thought-provoking scenario which really opened my eyes.  I  had always wondered about 'the waters above'.  Now I think I understand!  Don't miss it!

So how do you get on board with God?  There is only one way - through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died as a sacrifice for your sins and mine.  I accepted His great sacrifice for me in 1981 when I asked Him to forgive my sins and make me one of His people.  If you will only read the gospels, you too may come to faith in Jesus.  You too may be washed clean, given a new start and even a new heart!  If you put your faith in Him, you will be 'born again' - created all over again, supernaturally.  Christianity is not something you 'try'.  It is so radical that you actually become a new person with a new life, able to comprehend the things of God. 

Please read at least one gospel and ask God to show you if Jesus is real, and if you are really a sinner.  You are!  We all are!  God has made a way out of all this mess, and it is through faith in His Son, Jesus. 

Other faiths are not rational; you are just told to take a blind leap of faith and believe, for example, that Allah is god and Muhammed is his prophet.  No reasoning; no logic; you just believe it or else.  If you're a Hindu, you just accept that that the world is held up by four elephants standing on turtles, and you worship the elephant god of good luck.  Mindless nonsense, but millions accept it.

Christianity is provable!  You can reason it out from the hundreds of fulfilled prophecies, specific things prophesied over hundreds of years by dozens of different prophets and carefully written down so that when they are fulfilled, we KNOW God had spoken them.  God gave you a brain; He wants you to use it!  Once the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, there was no way anyone could deny prophecy any more, or say things were written after the events they foretold.  It's all true, folks, and you can find it out for yourself if you are interested in truth.

Here is a good prayer, but it is not some magic incantation that will get you to Heaven.  Our faith is reasonable, rational.  You have to know what it is you believe.  You can apply yourself, get a Bible, read the New Testament first and decide with your rational mind to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

'Lord Jesus, I want to have a purpose and a new life.  Please help me to learn about You and to actually know You.  Please give me faith in You.  Please help me to know the truth. Please forgive my sins and make me one of Your people. Amen

* What is the Big Bang?  I meet people who have no idea what it is.  It is the theory - theory, mind you, not fact - that everything in the universe was compacted into a space smaller than the head of a pin.  Then suddenly, this pinhead expanded, blowing out all we see today.  Stars, planets, everything.  'Pinhead', you might think, is an appropriate word for the expositors of this theory, who always present it not as a theory, but as a fact.  At some stage they stopped calling it an 'explosion' and started saying the pinhead 'expanded'.  This is  because we all know that an explosion does not result in order, but disorder.  And 'expansion' sounds more scientific.  When I tell people what 'Big Bang' actually means, hearing it for the first time, they say:  'But that's ridiculous!'  Indeed.
The theory also takes no account of planets and moons that rotate 'backwards' or have orbits contrary to others.   But to atheists and others, the Big Bang theory has one great advantage:  it leaves out God.  They don't like God. 


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Revelation 20:6

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