Envirolunacy in Australia: householder fined $19,000 for cutting a tree root in his own garden!

Alan writes: Beware of the soft-sell “green” message. It is anti-Christian, anti people and occult at its roots. When I was a newspaper editor I was sent a green election address, ending with the words:  “May Gaia be with you.” This refers to the earth goddess and, though most enviroloonies would never recognize it, confirms the truth of the Bible, which states: (Romans 1:25) For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

Today children are taught that being “green” is the most important philosophy they can adopt. Of course, we are to be good stewards of God’s creation, but we are not to worship trees or creatures – they are there for our use, not to be an impediment to our lives. Now back to the “root” of this story, a root in a man’s front garden.

Unfortunately the council in his area has a green environmentalist as its Mayor. Let’s hope at the next election he is booted out – to give him more time to commune with “mother.” Here’s the story – a good example of what is happening in this age of unreason, where lunacy rules at all levels of government.

An unkind cut that led to a record fine

Josephine Tovey

February 2, 2011  - from The Sydney Morning Herald.

IT WAS a DIY repair-job gone wrong that has now cost a Sydney man $19,000.Peter Petrou, 43, was digging outside the house he shares with his parents and children in Randwick on July 31 last year, searching for a leaking pipe that was causing water to gush over his front steps and footpath, when he cut into what he described as a ''fat root'' belonging to an old native brush box tree.


Although the cut did not kill the tree, it had to be removed, the council said, for safety reasons. Mr Petrou was ordered to pay $19,000 by Waverley Local Court for breaching a tree preservation order, thought to be the largest penalty of its kind ever issued in the local government area. ''It's not like I was drilling holes in the night to get a view,'' said Mr Petrou, who used to climb the tree when he was a child.


''It was just a duty-of-care issue. There's kids that walk along that path, and my elderly parents use the front steps … I didn't think one root could kill a tree.''


The mayor of Randwick, Murray Matson, a Green, applauded the hardline stance taken by the court, which he said would make others think twice in the future about damaging public trees."The presiding judge on the case, Justice Milledge, described the actions of the person as disgraceful, and I entirely agree,'' he said in a statement.

''Trees not only beautify otherwise stark urban streets, but they offset carbon emissions, provide shade and attract native wildlife.''The fine is believed to be the largest of its kind ever issued in the Randwick local government area, a council spokesman said.


Mr Petrou's solicitor, Tim Mitchell, said the punishment was a ''denial of natural justice''.''There was no malicious intent whatsoever,'' he said.A Randwick Labor councillor, Tony Bowen, said it would be preferable if the council could resolve these issues amicably and focus on educating residents instead.''It's a lot of money,'' he said. ''It might be a better approach to have them replace the tree and receive some sort of modest fine.''   


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John 15:5,6

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