Another country bans home schooling. Governments like their brainwashing to go unchallenged.

As the New World Order takes shape, Governments are clamping down on all aspects of individual liberty. Home Schooling is a top target, as it gives parents a chance to opt their children out from Government brainwashing. Two European countries have banned it and more will follow. Britain's anti-Christian government usually restricts Christian activity at every opportunity (remember that next time someone tells you Tony Blair is wonderful!) AF

Sweden Outlaws Home Schooling [Excerpts]Taken from The Berean Call.

Mike Farris says that Sweden will ban all home schooling except for children with medical exemptions and foreign workers with the appropriate work visas.
"That's it. People who have religious convictions or are home schooling for religious reasons will not be given one of these very rare exemptions," he points out. "And so for all intents and purposes, home schooling is going to be banned in Sweden. They're following the German statute, following the German model."

In Germany, parents face stiff penalties if they are caught illegally home schooling their children. The Romeike family recently left Germany and is seeking asylum in the U.S. after facing stiff fines and the potential loss of custody rights for home schooling their children.


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