Rapid premature aging - is the vax making people look wrinkly and old?

No one seems to mind getting heart trouble from the vax - it doesn't seem to stop most people turning up for their jabs.  But have you noticed  some vaccinated people  looking older when you meet them several months later?  This shocking potential side effect was brought to our attention by a friend who works in a large business.

The people there were all jabbed and she realized several months later that they had aged noticeably, even young people.

She wondered if we had noticed this happening - wrinkles, thinning hair, even on a young person.

The sad truth is yes, possibly, but it is hard to say because of course we are all aging anyway. 

But many jabbed people look just the same as they did.  Maybe it is only certain jabs that cause this effect. 

We haven't heard of anyone else yet mentioning this as a frightening consequence of the vax, but perhaps it should be listed as one more danger on the dread list of potential side effects -  'Premature and rapid aging'. 


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