The BBC - The Biased Broadcasting Organisation- should be cut down to size and stop showing propaganda in the guise of news. OPINION, by Alan Franklin.

Around the world the BBC - I call it the Biased Broadcasting Organisation - pumps out propaganda disguised as news and current events.  Never does a "nature program" get aired without references to "evolution". No alternate view is allowed. Creationists do not get a look-in, yet evolutionists are allowed countless hours to promote their flawed ideas. It's time for change, to quote the Kenyan Conman.

Pat and I dislike the BBC mindset, which is smug, liberal and "tolerant" only as long as you agree with them. They are intolerant of Biblical Christianity, which never gets prtrayed in a favorable light. They never put out programmes representing our worldview and I resent having to subsidize their ridiculous salaries (who else would ever pay them this money?) whether I watch or not.

On a whole range of issues there is a "BBC agenda," for example, promoting so-called "climate change" without at any time giving ten minutes for the voices of scientists who think it is just a lot of hot air. Over 31,000 scientists signed a document saying they did not believe in man-made climate change. This was not reported on the BBC as far as I know. For the true story of climate non-change key in "climate change" into our search engine.

The BBC thinks the EU - the most undemocratic organisation since the Supreme Soviet is  " a good thing."  Again, what chance do dissenting voices get? When did you har an in-depth program exposing the EU?

The BBC is an overpaid, overfed, monster of an organisation, bloated and full of its own importance. They are competing with commercial firms in everything from book publishing to world broadcasting. I choose not to watch yet am forced to pay for them, on pain of a criminal record if I refuse. This is ridiculous and should end.

The BBC was once good and had some values, but the PC brigade who run it now could exist only in the quango-like environment of the Biased Broadcasting Organisation.I was a freelance journalist  for many years for the BBC and it was amazing how many different departments they had, many sending their own representatives to cover events already being covered by other departments.


They sometimes send hundreds of people to cover events that commercial firms would send a handful to. This is a standing joke in the business (I still make TV broadcasts). The disgraceful over-manning, bias and all round waste would be even more of an outrage if its true extent was known.


So what can readers do? Make your voices heard! If you are British, contact your MP and tell him you want the BBC curbed and its hand withdrawn from your wallet. If you are American or live in another country and get the BBC's propaganda, disguised as news, you could ask your TV network to give an alternative view or drop the BBC altogether.


Pat and I watch networks from round the world, like Russia Today and CNBC, and would never rely on the BBC to give an impartial world-view. It always attacks Israel and puffs up the so-called "Palestinians." If you no longer want it to do this on your money you should act now!


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