'Reign of the Dinosaurs' is long on imagination and short on facts. By Pat Franklin.

'Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries' by Michael J. Oard makes sense of the masses of evidence. No flights of fancy here - just the truth.

Vance Nelson's 'Untold Secrets: Dire Dragons' is a fascinating look at ancient artwork round the world showing accurate depictions of dinosaurs.

We have a new dinosaur series on TV and, boy oh boy, do they allow their imaginations to run wild.  Presented as science, much of it is just speculative nonsense.  How I wish they would allow scientists who believe in the Bible account of creation to have their say. 

The series starts with pre-dinosaur creatures for which there is no evidence whatsoever. Those imaginary monsters are shown with fireballs striking the earth  in the background - for which there is also no evidence.  All very scientific.  They mention a 'Permian' extinction event which killed virtually all life on earth, but would not dream of even considering the Flood of Noah as the cause of that, although there is evidence all over the world for it.

The main thrust of the series seems to be that dinos turned into birds.  Then one of the experts says that the dinosaurs were reptiles.  Birds are not reptiles; they are warm blooded.  Reptiles are cold blooded.  Please!  Let's get some real science into this!

Fortunately I know where to go to get the facts, and that is www.creation.com .   It so happens that they have two new books on dinosaurs in their catalogue and we received them last week.  Brilliant stuff!  I haven't even had time to read them both completely yet, but they are excellent.  One is 'Untold Secrets of Planet Earth - Dire Dragons' by Vance Nelson.  The other is 'Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries' by Michael J. Oard, subtitled 'How the Genesis Flood makes sense of dinosaur evidence including tracks, nests, eggs, and scavenged bones.'

'Dire Dragons' makes the case for dinosaurs living along with man up until medieval times, not 65 million years ago, and looks at ancient artwork all over the world depicting what the ancients would have known as dragons. The book has many illustrations of ancient depictions of dinosaurs - carved in stone and wood, some in paintings, in ceramics, in tapestry.  These are shown country by country, and they were carved and painted centuries before the first dinosaur fossils were found in the 19th century.  Some contain details which could not have been known at the time - unless of course they had actually seen the creatures!

The artwork 'dragons' are very accurate depictions of what we now call 'dinosaurs'.  For example, the book shows a carving of a theropod dinosaur in Carlisle Cathedral, England, on a pipe organ.  Another picture shows a medieval dino floor tile in Worcester.  More theropods are carved in stone on the medieval St Andrew's Hall in Norwich. One of the most notable pictures is of two dinosaur-like creatures engraved in the brass cover of Bishop Richard Bell's tomb in Carlisle Cathedral.  Bishop Bell died in 1496.   The other creatures engraved in the brass are real; why not the dinosaurs?

The section on France is fascinating.  It includes photos of the Royal Chateau of Blois showing a spiral staircase decorated with stone carvings of what certainly looks like dinosaurs to me!  The author believes them to be plateosaurus dinos. There are also dragons depicted in artwork there, all beautifully illustrated in the 'Dire Dragons' book.

The chapter on China includes a turqoise carving of what seems to be a Protoceratops dino; ancient dino figurines from Peru; rock carvings in Utah;  Mayan carving and murals in Mexico; an altar cloth in Spain showing a remarkable Nothosaurus accurately depicted with its teeth pointing forward; in Ethiopia a Coptic Bible with artwork showing a dragon being slain.

'Dire Dragons' is just a great book.  Not that I needed any persuading!  Just read the book of Job chapters 40 and 41 for detailed descriptions of two dinosaurs - one land-based (Behemoth) and one marine (Leviathon).  They are scary and, personally, I am very glad they are extinct.

Now - Michael Oard's marvellous book 'Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries'.  Full of facts and full of truth.  An antidote to evolutionary teaching.  If I was in charge, Michael Oard would be presenting his evidence on television instead of the disciples of Darwin.  He looks at recent discoveries of T. Rex tissue including blood vessels which were still elastic!  And he discusses bonebeds, including one in Montana containing the remains of about 10,000 duck billed dinosaurs!  All fossilized in about a mile! He also tells about the unfossilzed dino bones - yes, UN-fossilized!

He deals in depth with the challenges facing creationists, including how fossilized dino nests can be above other fossil layers laid down in Noah's Flood.  This is what should be on TV, not millions of imaginary years and non-scientific evolutionary theories which do not stand up, but can never be questioned.

Evolution has been a dead duck since the discovery of DNA; I wish someone would bury it in the Montana bonebed! 

If you want to know the truth about history, where we came from, also where we're going...read the Bible!  It's all in there, dinosaurs and all.  The most important thing is where we're going and how to make sure we arrive at the correct destination. 

We're all going to end up in a bonebed somewhere, unless the Lord takes us out first, which I hope He does.  The Bible was right about the dinosaurs, and it is right about everything else too, including Jesus Christ.  He said He is the way (to Heaven), the truth, and the life.  Why not trust Him and put your future in His loving hands?  It just makes so much sense.

A good prayer:  Lord, Your book, the Bible, even talks about dinosaurs!  Amazing!  They were here when Job was alive, about 4,000 years ago, and who knows how much longer.  And now people want us to believe they all died out 65 million years ago.  Lord, I want to know the truth, about dinosaurs and everything else.  I want to know the truth about Jesus.  He said if we seek, we will find; if we knock, the door will be opened.  Lord, I am knocking.  Please help me find the truth and help me to trust in Jesus.  Please forgive my sins and make me one of Your people.

Note:  The dino books are available from the website of Creation magazine, www.creation.com and we thoroughly recommend that you get them.  What better Christmas gift could you give someone than these exciting and truth-filled books?

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Alan adds: PS: Our book Cults and Isms: True or False? has a Table of Truth called Evolution versus The Bible which sets out in easy to follow segments the folly of the theory of evolution compared to the truth in God's word. Sample : Evolution says: "there is no God." The Bible states: "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no god.' " Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1.

The Cults and Isms book is the perfect antidote to the confusion and misinformation swirling round the world today. It's the book we wish we'd had on our bookshelves when we were young Christians. It is available from our web shop on this site.


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