As currencies crumble, The New World Order is on fast forward! By Alan Franklin.

When I made our first video, called “End Times News”, in 1999, it was clear to me that Europe was becoming a superstate, there would be a one-world currency and government and Antichrist would rule from an EU powerbase. He would be of Roman origin. Now the plan – the EU calls itself “the project” –is almost in place. The independence of nations is vanishing as fast as their governments search in vain for solutions, a major war could break out in the Middle East at any moment and cash is about to crash in a flash! Now the Germans say a united Europe will have just one currency. 

What an exciting time to study Bible prophecy, as all these things are not my predictions: I make no claim to prophecy. However, I study prophecy and can see it unfolding in today’s headlines. I talk about it, write about it,  make DVDs about it and am expecting the true, remnant church to be removed from the world at any moment. In the twinkling of an eye. Far more detail than I can put in this article is in our books, available from the webshop on this site. A whole new series of DVDs is also becoming available at the year end - e-mail me at for details.

Now the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble is  predicting the end of the British pound – the only factor preserving a small measure of independence for the United Kingdom. In German newspaper Die Welt’s top story on November 18, Schäuble says that the more successful the stabilization of the eurozone is, the faster it will be that "others that are still outside the eurozone will see the benefits of this common currency."

He means he intends taking all power away from independent nations and centralizing it in Brussels and Strasbourg, the EU’s twin capitals, and in Frankfurt, home of the German-dominated European Central Bank. He who holds the purse strings controls nations. He told the paper that he thought Europe would one day be united under a single currency, though it would take a little while longer. But he added: "It will probably be sooner than many people believe today in the British Isles." So don’t say we haven’t been warned!

At present there are 17 nations in the Eurozone, sharing the Euro as their currency, and ten nations of the EU outside it, retaining their national currencies. Britain, of course, still has the pound, which has given us the chance to ride out the financial storm far better than nations within the Eurozone, with the exception of the Germans who run it solely for their benefit! 


Germany has long desired domination over as many other nations as possible. It failed in two world wars but has succeeded in implementing a plan drawn up by the Nazis for a united europe with one currency and one government - and one leader. One Fuhrer – and then one Antichrist? I was reporting the debate in the European Parliament when the Euro was introduced and later had lunch with six MEPs. I was there in my capacity as publisher of a business newspaper and editor of another newspaper. I said exactly what I wrote above – and was looked on with amazement. However, as the world’s finances and politics unravel before your eyes, everything that I said would happen is happening or has already taken place. 


Now here’s another astounding headline, from The Daily Telegraph, London, of November 18, 2011:

German memo shows secret slide towards a super-state.

The story started: An intrusive European body with the power to take over the economies of struggling nations should be set up to tackle the eurozone crisis, according to a leaked German government document.  The report, by Bruno Waterfield In Btrussels, continues: “The memo will prompt fears that Germany's euro crisis plans could result in a European super-state with spending and tax plans set in Brussels “The six-page memo, by the German foreign office, argues that Europe’s economic powerhouses should be able to intervene in how beleaguered eurozone countries are run.

“The confidential blueprint sets out Germany’s plan to tackle the eurozone debt crisis by creating a “stability union” that will be “immediately followed by moves “on the way towards a political union”. “It will prompt fears that Germany’s euro crisis plans could result in a European super-state with spending and tax plans set in Brussels.

“The proposals urge that the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a eurozone bailout fund that will be established by the end of next year, should be transformed into a version of the International Monetary Fund for the EU.

“The European Monetary Fund (EMF) would be able to take full fiscal control of a failing country, including taking countries into receivership.

“The leaked document, The Future of the EU: Required Integration Policy Improvements for the Creation of a Stability Union, comes as David Cameron meets Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, in Berlin today to talk about treaty changes and the eurozone crisis.

“The German plan begins with a proposal to create “automatic sanctions” that could be imposed on euro members spending beyond targets set by the European Commission. Germany is demanding that if euro rules are 'consistently violated', it should be able to demand action from the European Court of Justice.

“Germany, Finland, Austria and the Netherlands would be able to ask EU courts to impose sanctions, from fines to the loss of budgetary sovereignty, to protect the euro.

“The memo states the EMF would be given “real intervention rights” in the budgets of euro members who have received EU-IMF bailouts.

“Open Europe, a think tank, has called for Mr Cameron to demand concessions from Mrs Merkel in exchange for the plans, which need the consent of all 27 EU countries, giving Britain a veto.” AF concludes: All politicians' promises are mere words, giving the soundbite for the day. They are just sound and fury- or perhaps even a whimper - meaning nothing. History is recorded in advance in one place that is reliable: the Bible.

Watch out, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece - even France. Those heavy footsteps you hear outside your doors belong to Big Brother! 


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Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. (This refers to the coming one world church.)
Revelation 18:4

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