The financial earthquake will usher in the New World Order and one-world money system. By Alan Franklin.

Don’t worry too much about volcanoes and earthquakes – it’s the coming financial earthquake that will usher in the New World Order. (PS- Revelation tells us we’ll get the earthquakes and natural disasters as well!)


World financial events are becoming interesting. Coupled with fragile currencies we have a Middle East that could be on the verge of a summer war. It's a volatile mix at a time when the world economy is fragile, to put it mildly.


In 2002 I wrote in my first book, EU: Final World Empire (Chapter 2, The Woman, the Beast and the EU, page 31) : “ For the Euro (the European common currency) to succeed it will have to be backed by a strong government.” I went on to quote Romano Prodi, then president of the European Commission, as saying the Euro could fail unless tax and spending policies of the disparate governments of Europe were brought under tighter EU control.


Then came a key comment – “the single currency would remain vulnerable as long as each country was able to run a separate budget policy in its own national interest.”


On pages  34 and 35 you will find these comments from me:  “Being a currency of a federation that comprises both weak and strong currencies, it (the Euro) is unlikely to be permanently strong unless a United States of Europe is established.” I added:  “The money markets too have quickly worked out that a currency can not work if there is no unity behind it- just a group of countries……the countries like Greece will have to give up their limited fiscal independence.”


Following this the Euro became strong for a while and scorn was poured on my comments. A pastor in America loaned my book to his money-man brother who said something like: “That proves Franklin doesn’t know what he is talking about.”


Maybe I should now call him up and say one word: “Greece.”


Eight years have passed and now most of the finance men of Europe are saying that for the Euro to survive there must be a centralization of budgetary controls  etc. In other words, Europe will be ruled by German bankers, aided by the French. The countries like Greece that cannot control their spending will have the job taken away from them, which is already starting to happen. So the crisis will bring Europe closer – ever closer union has always been the aim and motto- not break it apart. Bible prophecy tells me it is Europe that will be the powerhouse of the end times, not the USA, which is not mentioned in prophecy.


The joke is that money is now flooding into the US Dollar as a “safe haven,” when it is about as safe as mine disposal as a career. The Dollar, like the British pound, faces its own financial Armageddon when the markets realize our debts – like those of Greece- cannot and will not be repaid. Governments faced with overwhelming debt problems usually inflate their way out of trouble by borrowing and printing money – something the Fed has been doing on overtime. This leads to hyper-inflation and currency collapse, which I think is ahead, perhaps a year or two down the road. Ultimately, no fiat currency - paper money - lasts.

Creating money out of thin air is wonderful and the Federal Reserve has been doing this since Bretton Woods in 1971. Under this agreement America  fixed the gold price at $35 a troy ounce, so other currencies pegged to the dollar also had a fixed value in gold. France’s President, General Charles de Gaulle, called this bluff by asking for gold for Dollars. When added to the massive costs of fighting the Vietnam War, this forced America off the “gold standard.” – the ability to convert paper money into gold, the only real international store of value that has stood the test of time for 4,000 years.,  Thenceforth the money was backed only by promises- and belief that the paper was worth something. Now people worldwide are wary and scared. As I write they are buying lots of gold, up 32 per cent in value this year and with a long way to go, in my opinion. (I have been saying this for many years as well!) I believe the real story is about  the coming global government and I have quote after quote from leaders saying that "this financial crisis is a global problem we must tackle together." What you are seeing is the ground being prepared for global government. All they need to do is crash the money and we will be there, with a one-world currency. I have seen this coming for nearly three decades but now I feel it is close.

All paper money is unstable which is why gold will be the “last man standing.” If we just look at the world through earthly eyes it is in a mess and getting worse. It can be depressing unless you know Bible prophecy. Things are about to change! We set out all this in our books and, as I say, I would urge you to get them if you can (they're on our website). Jesus is coming back! The Lord is shortly to return to rule and reign. I don't think we need worry overmuch about funny money, earthquakes or Islamics. We need to get the word out while there is yet time. And time is short.  


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