How one man's courage and inspirational leadership stopped a dictator from conquering the world. Sometimes what seems inevitable can be changed- thank God!

by Bill Federer

October 21

British Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his right eye capturing Corsica
and his right arm attacking the Canary Islands.

He captured six and destroyed seven of Napoleon's ships at the Battle
of the Nile and successfully assaulted Copenhagen.

Horatio Nelson is best remembered, though, for winning one of the
greatest naval battles in history, The Battle of Trafalgar, on OCTOBER
21, 1805.

The daring 47-year-old Nelson defeated 36-year-old Napoleon's
combined French and Spanish fleets, consisting of 33 ships with 2,640
guns off the coast of Spain.

The fifteen million dollars Napoleon received two years earlier from
selling 600 million acres to the United States was not enough to
change the outcome.

Admiral Nelson's defeat of the French navy abruptly ended Napoleon's
power at sea, and with it, his dreams of world conquest.

The 90,000 French troops assembled on the coast of France were forced
to abandon their plans of crossing the English Channel and invading

During the Battle of Trafalgar, cannonade and musket shot ripped
apart ships at point blank range, killing or wounding nearly ten

Admiral Nelson was fatally shot in the spine.

He was carried below deck to the ship's surgeon where he died.

Admiral Horatio Nelson's last words were:

"Thank God I have done my duty."


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John 15:5,6

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