South Carolina Conservatives take action against liberal buffoon.

Subject: South Carolina Conservative News Liberal Senator Sam Brownback to speak in Charleston The Charleston CofCC will be demonstrating against Sam Brownback and welcoming Charleston County Delegates to the Charleston County Convention this Friday in North Charleston. Sam Brownback, a MAJOR proponent of sweeping amnesty, immigration increases, and a fanatical promoter of the failed concept of multi-culturalism will be speaking at the Sheraton from 6:00-7:00 PM. The Charleston County Republican Party is holding their Convention at the same location. Registration for the convention is between 5:00 and 6:45. The convention starts at 7:00. A press release for Sam Brownback’s speaking engagement at the Sheraton states that Brownback is a supporter of "the battle to secure our border." Brownback fought tooth and nail to grant sweeping amnesty and works tirelessly to keep the border wide open! We will be welcoming the delegates with our Stop Illegal Immigration signs and passing out our own press release about Sam Brownback from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. If you can't be there at 5:30 just get their at any time. The media will probably show up around 6:00 and it would be nice to have at least ten more people with me with signs when the media gets their. Kyle Rogers, who is a delegate at the convention and running for the position as SC GOP State Delegate, will present our press release to the media. Also don't forget that we have a cookout in James Island on Sunday. For any questions call Kyle Rogers at 1-843-278-5081 Senator Sam Brownback takes liberal position and supports illegal immigration and amnesty. In fact, Brownback broke ranks with his party to support passage of the liberal immigration Senate bill last Spring that was starkly different from the bill that came out of the Republican House. He supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act and was purportedly instrumental in getting the bill out of the judiciary committee. At the same time he was intent on moving public jargon away from calling it an "amnesty." Moderate Sam Brownback Conservative Human Events Slams Sam Brownback JOHN McCAIN John McCain Does not like fundamental Christians. John McCain criticizes conservative Christian leaders like Bob Jones of Bob Jones University, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Roberson. "John McCain was at it again this week, taking the liberal position of promoting illegal immigration and amnesty. If you received this update notice in error or want to discontinue receiving these updates, please use the link below: Or if you do not trust remove links, just put REMOVE Defenders in the Subject and forward this entire message to the list moderator at: God Bless, Chairman


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