Witty Israeli attack on evolution nonsense

Michael, who co-leads a small congregation in the northern Israeli town of Nahariya.

A witty new booklet refuting evolution has just been published in Israel by our son-in-law, Michael Nissim.  The 26-page booklet is entitled “No Bears and No Forest!”, which is a Hebrew expression used when someone is speaking a load of nonsense.  

Two thousand copies have been printed, funded by the Nahariya Messianic Fellowship in the north of Israel.  Michael felt they were needed, as there are so few Christian resources available in Hebrew, and Hebrew is the language of Israel.  We thought that the Jews would all speak English as well, but in fact many do not, and we often found we needed a translator in shops there.  So it is a very good idea to have the Christian message available in Hebrew!

Michael is hoping to translate the booklet into English as well, and also produce a Russian version, since there are so many Russian speakers in Israel, many of whom are atheists and believe in evolution. 

We ask our readers to be praying for good fruit to come from this booklet, which makes such big points in a witty way which brings a smile.  Not everyone can write in this way, but Michael has that rare kind of gentle humor which enables him to do this. 

Please pray that people's eyes will be open to the literal truth of the Genesis creation account which, after all, was accepted by the Lord Jesus as literal!  And the Creator of the whole universe should know how long it took Him to make everything!

Churches or anyone wanting a copy can order via nahariya.messianic@gmail.com or visit the congregation's website www.nahariya-messianic.co.il 

The printing costs were about 75 cents each in American money, or 50p. in English money.

* If you get a copy, you might find it a bit confusing to see that the bear picture is on what looks like the back cover, but Hebrew is the opposite of English.  Books start from what we would think of as the back, and on each page, the lines are read from right to left.   So the bear is at the end, but that is really the beginning of the booklet.  Got that?  And the pages turn backwards, and the writing looks like it was done in a mirror, back to front and inside out.  Never mind!  The Lord Jesus is going to sort us all out on the language front when He comes back - and I (Pat) hope to be speaking Hebrew then too!

As for the "Big Bang", a mythical expansion of dust and gas which turned into the entire universe, pul-eeze!   Dear friends, think for one second about the Law of Biogenesis - that life only comes from life.  Life does not emerge from non-living material like dust and gas.  This is science, folks, as opposed to atheistic myth. 

And as for evolution, the mythical change from one species to another, DNA has proven that to be false, since information cannot be added to DNA.  In nature, genetic information can only be lost or damaged, and when it is, that is not a good thing.  Mutations do not produce wonderful new species. A pregnant lady does not want to hear that her baby has a mutation! 

Also, Darwin did not know about the complexity of the cell, and that millions of parts and processes have to be there, complete, in working order, all together at once.  It's called Irreducible Complexity. 

Compared to what we know now, Darwin was an ignoramous.  He mistook adaptation, which is scientific, for evolution, which is stupid.  "NO  BEARS, FOLKS!  NO FOREST!" And no evolution.


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