The EU police state is storing your e-mails and noting what web sites you visit!

The European Union soon-to-be-dictatorship has ruled that all e-mails will be stored and all web sites you visit will be "monitored."
Just so as you know! Big Brother is here and being subsidized by European taxpayers. My friend Derek Bennett, a U.K. Independence Party activist and blogger, sent round this brief memo, so you are all informed. Vote UKIP at the coming Euro elections! Here's what Derek sent me:

I am sending this message out to all on my mailing list, so if it seems a little impersonal please forgive me. I just wanted to give you the sobering reminder that our police state EU has decreed that records of all e-mail communication and web sites you visit will be stored and monitored from today - I thought that would cheer you up. This communication and records will now be held for 12 months and the EU can take a nose whenever it wants to see who you have been communicating with. The state is no longer a servant of the people, the people are now the servants of the state.

Regards, sleep tight, Derek Bennett.

I sent this to my friend Bob in Oklahoma and got this reply: Alan, You don't think this is a conspiracy do you? Senate bills 773 and 778 (the Cybersecurity Act of 2009) were  introduced that would give Obama control of the entire Internet industry, sites and emails. You would never guess who introduced the bill, none other than Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V. Will we ever get rid of the Kennedys and Rockefellers?   Bob.

My answer to that is : Not in this life! However, one-worlders like the Rockellers are like the rest of us: they live, they die, they are judged. I would not want to be in their shoes at the judgement! ALAN FRANKLIN.

  • ps: Since we first put this small comment on this site in 2009 Obama has announced plans to hand over control of the internet to the United Nations. Prepare for the rapid end of free speech - all the more reasons to get our books and DVDS now, while there is still time. I also do talks to churches and conferences. Contact me at



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