Goodbye American Dollar - here comes the Amero. More great inside information.

Debut of the amero In the US, experts are now predicting that the collapse of the dollar is imminent. "People in the U.S. are going to be hit hard," says Bob Chapman publisher of The International Forecaster newsletter. "In the severe recession we are entering now, Bush will argue that we have to form a North American Union to compete with the Euro." "Creating the amero," Chapman explained, "will be presented to the American public as the administration's solution for dollar recovery. In the process of creating the amero, the administration just abandons the dollar." Armed with the Internet release of about 1,000 documents, obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request to the Security ad Prosperity Partnership of North America, the coalition has the potential to embarrass the governments of all three countries. According to Corsi, "the documents show the White House is engaging in collaborative relations with Mexico and Canada--outside the U.S. Constitution. "Two analysts who have reconstructed money supply data after the Fed stopped publishing it argue a coming dollar collapse will set the stage for creating the amero as a North American currency to replace the dollar," The euro followed the same blueprint of stealth and surprise. It was already issued as replacement currency before the masses could coalesce to fight it. If the US dollar continues to collapse as liquidity is pumped into the markets, Americans will welcome a new Amero. As radical as it seems now if the public is drowning they will gladly grasp at any life line that is thrown their way. The Amero will be sold as the solution to economic woes and a way to get out from underneath a devalued dollar. Who ever would have dreamed that the euro of a secular bureaucracy one day would be accepted for use at the Vatican? Pope John Paul II, who repeatedly condemned the "moral drift" of secular Brussels, sanctioned an official Euro for the Vatican. In appearance, the Vatican coin looks very much like other Euro coins. But on the flip side of the coin, the image of Pope John Paul II faces left. "By permitting his image on this new coin, John Paul II has given another symbolic and powerful stimulus to the European Union, which with the issuance of the Euro, is taking an important step towards the Universal Republic," said Atila Sinke Guimarnes in Daily Catholic. In 1999, economist and former Canadian Member of Parliament Herbert G. Grubel published his paper, "The Case for the Amero: The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union." It is interesting that he gives 2010 as the possible timetable for the introduction of the amero. This happens to coincide with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force's report,"Building a North American Community," which also states the target year of 2010 for the implementation of their recommendations in matters of economics, politics and security. This report is considered by many to be the blueprint for the SPP, which was signed in March of 2005. It is through the SPP process that a North American Union is being created. The proposed amero would be a single North American fiat currency. This would give the global elite control of North America through the power of currency creation and would further facilitate in the consolidation of wealth and power in the region. The CFR supports a switch to regional and global currencies, and an end to national currencies. They have had their tentacles in almost every administration, with the goal of destroying U.S. sovereignty. Benn Steil, the CFR's Director of International Economics said, "countries should abandon monetary nationalism. Governments should replace national currencies." The CFR wishes to divide the economies of the world into three different regions, each with its own currency. Ending monetary nationalism will result in the loss of economic sovereignty. In an article entitled "The Death of Three Nations," Alan Burkhart states, "Our currency will be replaced with the Amero. And we'll be one giant step closer to the UN's perverse dream of a one-world government." A North American Union and the amero are only one small part of the New World Order's agenda to enslave humanity.


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