Oh dear, the Governor of Hawaii cannot find Obama's birth certificate...By Pat Franklin

 by Pat Franklin


Barrack Obama’s lack of a birth certificate is still causing ructions and now even the Governor of Hawaii, where Obama was supposedly born, cannot find the vital document. Funny.  I know where I was born and I have a certified copy of my birth certificate proving that I was born at Lutheran Hospital, St Louis, Missouri.  By that token, I am more qualified to be President of the United States than Barack Hussein Obama.

As we have pointed out, the American Constitution sets down that every president MUST be born on American soil.  To prove that, they must have a valid American birth certificate.  Obama has never produced one.  The best he can do is show a ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ which is not the same thing at all.


The Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, is an Obama supporter, and set out to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii.  Using all his power and influence, even HE was not able to come up with a Hawaiian birth certificate.  Collapse of stout party, as they say in England.  The governor says efforts are still being made to track down vital records that would prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

 Come off it, Obama. No wonder you are not going to try for a second term.  You should never have had the first one! 

Our website has lots of articles about Obama’s non-birth certificate, and you can read them by typing ‘birth certificate’ into the Free Press internal search engine.  Here is the most recent, which we put on this website last September.


  Obama's high school chums 'know that he was not born in Hawaii.'14/09/2010 

The high school friends of Barack Obama 'know that he was not born in Hawaii,' it has been claimed. On a trip across the USA we came across someone with Hawaiian ancestry and information about Obama. This person claimed:  ' Obama's high school friends know very well that he was not born there, but when he ran for the presidency, they all went quiet about it.' Also: 'The hospital there could never release his birth certificate, because they do not have it.'  Why is this so important? Because Article II Section I Clause 5 of the Constitution sets the main qualifications for the presidency.  A president must: 

  • Be a natural born citizen of the United States (be born on American soil)*
  • Be at least 35 years old
  • Have been a permanent resident of the USA for at least 14 years 

Anyone who questions Obama's birthplace is now smeared in the media as a 'birther'.  Obama has never produced his birth certificate.  His first act as president was to seal all his documents. We are not allowed to see:  his birth certificate, his education records, his medical history.  We are not allowed to see if he ever, for example, applied for funding as a foreign student. He is a man of mystery, a real life Manchurian candidate.  And he is the most powerful man in the world, with America at his mercy. So we ask:  Mr Obama - why can we not see your birth certificate?  Why?   

And we ask the Congress - why have you not impeached the man who will not satisfy the electorate by proving his eligibility to hold the office of president?  Why?  

Alan adds: One of a journalist's jobs is to tell the truth, another is to protect his sources. In this case we have withheld some compelling evidence that would help identify our source and cause potential problems, for this is a most serious matter. We never print anything  which we don't have good reason to believe is true. This story bears further investigation in Hawaii, which is what today's journalists should be doing instead of broadcasting silly showbusiness gossip. 

* Foreign-born Americans who were citizens at the time the Constitution was adopted were also eligible to become president, provided they met the age and residency requirements. This was because the country was so young that some of the leaders had come from England or Scotland.  However, this allowance has since become obsolete.  To be eligible as a candidate for the presidency, the candidate MUST have been born on American soil.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.   

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1348916/Hawaii-governor-says-Obamas-birth-record-exists-produce-it.html#ixzz1C9U0a7QV


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