The European Union literally stinks. You will hardly credit this true story.....

Allegedly "polluting" farmers in Europe are to begin the dirty work of counting up their cow-pats. Down on the farm the EU wants farmers to start the New Year with at least one resolution: counting dollops of cow manure. Such nonsense will come as no surprise to farmers who are all too familiar with weird and wonderful edicts from Brussels (headquarters of the bone-brains who run the European Union.)Polluting farmers begin the dirty work of counting up their cow-pats The British Department of Agriculture -DEFRA - has also been busy preparing farmers for the big day - no doubt the job ads for dung-density and defecating standards inspectors have already circulated and the flood of applications from former city bankers received. [nitrate levels in water are worrying the eurocrats!] (Telegraph 6.1.09) And there's still more on this fascinating subject..... EU Regulations are to make farmers store animal waste over winter. Cries of ‘Poo; what’s that smell?” will become more common as new EU pollution regulations require farmers to store animal waste over the autumn and winter. The National Farmers' Union warns that those familiar ‘country smells’ caused when slurry is spread on fields will become more concentrated as the waste now has to be stored from October to mid January and then spread in greater volumes. “It’s going to make the countryside smellier” said the NFU’s head of Policy Service. (Telegraph 6.1.09)


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