Goodbye Great Britain! Here’s a headline I found astounding : Drugs and prostitution add £10bn to UK economy

When a nation forsakes God, it slithers downhill fast. The headline above was in The Financial Times on May 29, 2014.The story said: “Prostitutes and drug dealers are set to give Britain a £10bn boost as the country revamps the way it measures its economy.” Is this now “normal,” just like men marrying other men is now classed as “normal” by the deluded, witless men running our country? AF

The Financial Times story, which was so astounding to me I had to rub my eyes, said that our nation “would include prostitution and illegal drugs in its official national accounts for the first time. The move is one of the changes planned for September that will add up to 5 per cent to the UK’s gross domestic product.” So that's our measure of "success" now, is it? We should be ashamed, but shame is not fashionable of course, when we just have "partners" of either sex and don't bother with doing things God's way. As society falls apart at breakneck speed, we are finding out what happens when we think we know better than the Lord.

The story went on to say that Italy is also listing the sale of cocaine and prostitution in its national statistics. The United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics said prostitution would add £5.3bn to GDP (Gross Domestic Product, the totality of the production of goods and services in a country, AF) in 2009 and illegal drugs would add £4.4bn, according to the FT report.

The number crunchers worked out that that each of the UK’s estimated 60,879 prostitutes had sex with about 25 clients a week in 2009, at an average rate of £67.16. It also estimates that the UK had 38,000 heroin users, while sales of the drug amounted to £754m with a street price of £37 a gram.

These figures are almost certainly wild guesses, as nobody could really know these numbers, of course. But they are indicative that there is a lot of evil in our society, which doesn’t surprise me now that the Bible is not studied in schools (or most churches!) and young people emerge from what passes for education with no concept of right or wrong. After all, “all roads lead to god…” we are told.

These moves are widespread across nations, it seems, and make me wonder how much further this madness has to go before the final crack-up. And I don’t mean crack cocaine…..

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