Glories of creation - bluebell woods

An enchanting carpet of blue - one of the glories of God's creation in an English spring. By Pat Franklin.

Spring is late in England this year, but the bluebell woods are coming into their breathtaking glory. If sinful, fallen earth is this beautiful, how matchless, how indescribable, heaven must be! When I went for a walk through one of Hampshire's bluebell woods, it seemed to me like a wonder of the world. There are many such woods blooming their hearts out now in England. It was a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, and the walk was about a mile long. Only a few other people were there enjoying the beauty. Perhaps the English have seen it all before, but to me, an American, it is incomparable. Why would our Lord create such woods? What is their purpose? Nothing eats the bluebells. I did not even see a bee looking for pollen. The woods were just there, dressed in a blue mist. The Lord must just love beauty. Once my father remarked, speaking of buildings: 'There is a premium on beauty.' He is so right. There is a premium on it, and how amazing to come across such a resplendent scene so delightful to behold. And, like all the best things the Lord provides, it was entirely free. If you can't get out and see the bluebells yourself, I hope you enjoy these pictures, just a few of the many I took. This wood was just off Bagnor Lane, near the village of Herriard.


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