BullionVault.com gets Queen's Award for innovation.

Once ordinary people could not invest in gold at reasonable prices. Then a British firm called BullionVault.com came up with a way for anybody to deal in the gold market, without expensive middlemen. This is the firm linked to our website. Now they have received the Queen's Award for innovation. Here is the story of their success:

I'm also pleased to tell you of some recent news. Each year on her birthday Her Majesty the Queen awards a number of British businesses "The Queen's Award for Enterprise" - by far the most prestigious award for UK business.

There are 3 categories, of which one is Innovation. This year 49 British businesses have received awards for innovation, and one of them is BullionVault.

The formal citation reads :

"Through an innovation by BullionVault.com, to whom an Award is made,

private investors can access, at reasonable price, the professional

gold bullion market in London. Until the innovation, because of the

imposition of large minimum deal sizes, the market was virtually

inaccessible to private investors, who were restricted to the higher

costs of the smaller-scale coin market. To support the novel idea,

the company developed internet technology for the buying and selling

of gold twenty four hours a day, without the need for a human dealer,

and also for publishing daily information to reassure clients that

their gold is safe and that they are entitled to it."

As testimonials go I'm very happy with this one.


Paul Tustain



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