Alan's speaking dates in Britain and America - 2012/13. Looking at pending events outlined in Bible prophecy - The World on Red Alert!

This Saturday, November 17, I am doing two presentations in Newark, Notts, from 2 pm to 5 pm. The first is a Powerpoint on Jerusalem, Future Capital of the World, which shows the troubled past and glorious future of the world's most important city. I will illustrate it with pictures we took in Jerusalem, including on The Temple Mount - the world's most important piece of real estate.

The second presentation has as its theme: Building The New World Order. This is a look at how the One World Government is fast being set up, with a one world church and one world money system coming soon, once cash has crashed. Bible prophecy tells us exactly what is to happen. This is information every church should be teaching, but few do. Come along on Saturday and find out the facts!

The meeting is hosted by Newark Fellowship of Truth and Life, Notts. at The  Bridge Community Centre, Lincoln Road, Newark,  NG24 2DQ- For more information contact  01636 672497.

Other than Sunday services at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship, that is the last of my speaking dates for 2012 as I need to prepare for a big date in Dallas in January. Contact me via e-mail  at with full details of any talk invitations, including phone numbers, post codes/zipcodes and times. Here is my provisional itinerary: some dates are still free in North America and Britain. 

This is my latest list and doesn’t include unconfirmed bookings. British speaking date for 2013, which will include three speaking dates in Wales in April.

Monday May 13, 2013, Bournemouth PWMI meeting:

Subject: Financial meltdown and the antichrist.

 American speaking date confirmed for 2013:

Future Congress 2 will be held January 4-6, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel on the grounds of the the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas.


Future Congress 2 Update!


Alan Franklin, Bill Koenig, Hal Lindsey, Gary Stearman, Russ Dizdar, Mike Heiser, Jack Kinsella, Terry James, L.A. Marzulli, Bill Salus, Rob Skiba, G. Thomas Sharp, Larry Spargimino, Doug Woodward, Alan Kurschner. Workshops:
 J. Michael Bennett,Jim Fletcher, Guy Malone, Doc Marquis, Don McGee, Daniel Duval, Judd Burton, Ray Gano, Peter Goodgame, C.H. Gruyère, Douglas Hamp, Michael Hoggard, Nathan Jones, Aaron Judkins, David Lowe, Jeff Patty, Chris Quintana, Aaron Taylor, Brian Thomas,Jeffrey Tomkins,Jeff Patty, Aaron Taylor, Jeffrey Tomkins, Dix Winston, Myles & Katharine Weiss, Questions?NewsRegisterWhat Is Future Congress?

2012 is proving to be an interesting year, isn’t it? However, we know that the calendar will not end on December 21st. The world will go on. The question then becomes, ‘Where do we go from here?”
When the hype has passed into history, it will finally be time for Future Congress 2.


As soon as 2012 is over, and the false prophecies have been relegated to history, it will be time to take stock and recalibrate.  Serious issues will need attention and sober questions will need to be asked.” It is therefore with great excitement that we cordially invite you to join us for Future Congress 2.


Future Congress 2 will be held January 4-6, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel on the grounds of the the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas.


Just like the first Future Congress, Future Congress 2 will include three days of feature presentations and workshops by some of the world’s foremost authorities on a wide range of increasingly critical topics.  However, Future Congress 2 will be held in a much larger and more comfortable hotel in a larger city that is far easier to reach by automobile or airplane.  As a result, Future Congress 2 will be significantly larger and even more diverse in terms of its topics.  You will be absolutely saturated with things to hear, see and do.


Future Congress was conceived as a result of numerous veteran leaders in ministry, finance, science, geopolitics, and sociology, witnessing a growing chorus of questions from people just like you concerning the short and long-term aspects of the future of society. From banking and finance to conspiracy and history, from new technology to the supernatural, from prepping to prophecy, people are concerned about how to adapt and thrive in the days ahead. At Future Congress 2, leading national and international experts, scholars, and researchers will share their specialized knowledge about what you can expect in the coming days, and, more importantly, what you can do to face the future with confidence.


One of the things that sets Future Congress 2 apart from other conferences is that multiple activities will be occurring concurrently. There will not only be feature presentations in a main ballroom, but multiple workshops will be taking place in smaller breakout rooms. Future Congress 2 will feature several keynote and feature presentations and many dozens of workshops offering practical advice on a variety of subjects. If that were not enough, Zola Levitt Presents will be taping TV programs in front of a live audience, live-audience radio interviews will be conducted in an interview room and book and DVD signings will be held in a bookstore. At least one feature documentary will be filmed at Future Congress.  Needless to say, a lot will be going on at any given time. There will be no way for one person to attend everything at Future Congress 2.


Future Congress 2′s keynote and feature presentations and many dozens of workshops will offer practical advice on a variety of subjects. In addition, live audience participation during television show tapings and radio interviews with speakers will give you the opportunity to meet some of your favorite researchers, broadcasters, and authors. The cost of your registration will be more than offset by discount tickets to Dallas/Fort Worth area attractions, a free VIP coupon book for local shopping, and select gifts in every registration packet.The fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex covers almost 9300 square miles and has a population of over 6.5 million people. Its ultra modern and sophisticated cities attract worldwide travelers, making the area the No. 1 visitor and leisure destination in Texas.  D/FW is centrally located and within a four-hour flight from most North American destinations. DFW International Airport is the world’s third busiest airport, offering nearly 1,750 flights per day and providing non-stop service to 144 domestic and 44 international destinations worldwide annually.


Throughout the cities a visitor will enjoy the best shopping in the southwest, over 20 entertainment districts, and much more. Blend in moderate weather, year-round sports and true Southern and Western hospitality for a true “taste” of the D/FW difference.  So check out the excellent rates the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel is offering Future Congress 2 attendees, and plan to stay an extra day or two!


This is the event to be at in 2013, but registration is limited, so don’t wait to sign up for the Future Congress 2.

Monday May 13, 2013, Bournemouth PWMI meeting:

Subject: Financial meltdown and the antichrist.

Saturday May 18,2013, Halesowen Prophetic Witness Movement International meeting: 1 pm to 4 pm. The two talks will be:

The World on Red Alert

Alan’s presentation asks: “What in the world is going on?”  - from the rise in natural disasters to the coming Middle East Meltdown and the soon crash of cash, it is obvious we are living on the verge of the climax in world history. The end of the world is not nigh, just the end of man’s misrule of the world! The world - and church - should be on red alert. But the church today, which should be yearning for the Lord’s return, is mostly yawning. This is a wake-up call; fact-packed, Biblically sound and full of great Powerpoint slides. The Bible tells exactly what will happen  and the sequence of events. It's better than Nostradamus! This material is featured in the Franklins' book warning what happens when countries abandon the Gospel Truth: Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain!

From Babylon to Rome

Deception is a sign of the End Times and Alan looks at how our Christian spiritual foundations are being undermined and false beliefs are sweeping the world. The search is on for a false messiah….

Alan once worked publishing newspapers and magazines full time for The New Age Movement, seeking to bring in the New Age messiah. He sat in with mediums and occultists, the so-called “Masters of Maitreya” and knows exactly what is coming.

What’s the purpose of The Purpose Driven Church and is it leading to the coming  earth-wide whore church? From Islam’s inroads to the faith of Prince Charles and Tony Blair, the new Stonehenge in America, the Big Green Lie Machine, Mother Earth and much else, the talk also delves deep into the Babylonian roots of all false faiths. Remember, Satan is very religious. He wants to be worshipped!

Much of this material is in the Franklins’ book, Cults and Isms: True or False? which is on their bookstall.

Bible Prophecy Conference, Dallas, Texas, June, promoted by Dr David Reagan's Lamb and Lion Ministry.

Announcing the 2013 Lamb & Lion Bible Conference. Theme: Living on Borrowed Time: Signs of Jesus’ Soon Return.

Dates: June 28-29, 2013 (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon)

Location: In a suburb of Dallas, yet to be determined. I (Alan Franklin) will be speaking on The Revival of The Roman Empire. Key speakers are: Dave Reagan — A former professor of international law and politics. He is founder and director of Lamb & Lion Ministries. He will present an overview of the Signs of the Times that point to the Lord’s soon return, focusing on “The Sign of the Exponential Curve.”

Don McGee — A former Louisiana state trooper and pastor who founded a Bible Prophecy ministry called Crown and Sickle in 2002. He has a gift for in-depth analysis and is a powerful speaker. He is a frequent guest on Lamb & Lion’s TV program. His topic will be “The Rebirth of Israel.”

Nathan Jones — Web Minister and evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries. Nathan has established himself as a leading expert on Bible prophecy. He is also a specialist in Christian apologetics. His electronic newsletter deals with Bible prophecy in the news. He will speak on “The Signs of Technology.”

Ron Rhodes — A prolific author of more than 50 books. He serves as president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries inFrisco,Texas. He is known for his ability to present complex ideas in simple, understandable terms. His topic: “The Epidemic of Apostasy.”

Robert Jeffress — Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas. Known for his boldness and courage in speaking out on behalf of Christianity and absolute truth. Anointed speaker, writer and defender of the faith. He will focus his remarks on “The Collapse of Society.”

Musicians: The conference will begin on Friday evening, June 28, with a concert by a Southern Gospel Quartet called X-Alt.

Jack Hollingsworth will sing throughout the conference and will present a concert at the conference banquet on the Saturday evening. Jack wandered the streets homeless for 20 years before his life was transformed by Jesus. For the past 17 years he and his wife, Sally,have traveled the nation speaking, teaching, and singing. He is the featured singer on the Lamb & Lion television program,“Christ in Prophecy.”

X-Alt Quartet —This gifted group of singers was selected by the Gospel Music Artists’ Association as their musical group of the year in 2012. They present unique arrangements of great Gospel songs while maintaining the core integrity of the songs.

The conference is free  but seating is limited, so registration is required. Dave Reagan’s ministry  will start taking registrationsin January of 2013.There will be a banquet on the Saturday evening for which there will be a charge. Dr. Reagan will be the featured speaker.

Mark your calendar now for this important event! Advance booking is much appreciated and cuts travel costs considerably as we are able to book flights at cheaper rates. So if churches in Texas - or elsewhere in North America - are interested in 2013 bookings NOW is the time to get in touch. See the link on this website - just click on links.









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