Whatever happened to our sweet land of liberty? OPINION, by Warren B. Appleton

Sweet Land Of Liberty ? Liberty! A concept once revered by the pilgrims of Plymouth the patriots of Lexington. The official state motto of New Hampshire; "Don't Tread On Me!" reflected the attitude of the American people in better days. We used to sing; "My country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty, Of thee I sing. Land where my Fathers died, Land of the Pilgrim's pride, From every mountain side, Let Freedom Ring! Our Fathers' God, to thee, Author of Liberty, To Thee we sing, Long may our land be bright, With Freedom's holy light, Protect us by thy might, Great God, or King!" This was the the America we knew and loved. So what changed us into the godless and the craven? May I suggest that traitors were permitted to creep in to our highest places of authority to the point where they now control everything, from the White House down. These people hate America, and are doing everything possible to destroy it from within, as they strive for a one world Socialist totalitarian government to supplant the USA. It is happening right now in the halls of the US Congress. But you nor I have heard a word about it in the media, which is mainly under the ownership and control of the big bankers. The main organization responsible for this is the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR, founded in 1921 after the failure of the League of Nations to achieve World Government, .It now has 4274 members as of their 2005 Annual Report. David Rockefeller is their Chairman Emeritus. The legislation now in Congress, promoted by President George Bush and the Republican Party, will merge our country with Mexico and Canada, if it passes. It will be the third traitorous "Fast-Track" unconstitutional law to be pushed through Congress, called the FTAA Treaty,(now SPP) which will become the law of our land, and could be passed any day now, after which it will be all over for the United States of America. It is hard to imagine, since no American ever dreamed that a President and Congress could do such a thing. The sponsor for this in Congress is none other than U.S.Representative Katherine Harris, who saved Bush's election in Florida, in 2004. The previous two unconstitutional bills were the NAFTA and the CAFTA treaties, both of which were also "fast track. The latter was decided on the basis of one vote, with the Democrats voting against it. Vice President Cheney was there, and the fifteen minutes allocated for voting were extended to over an hour, while he was busy bribing members to get the necessary votes to win. So, this is a sad example of our government at its worst, promoting the death of our national sovereignty, while the facts have been withheld from the people. But should they, the people become too unruly, Congress has provided the Police State laws called the Patriot Acts, and Homeland Security to crack down brutally on all opposition. The key man during the 9/11 disaster was Vice President Richard Cheney, a CFR agent who was playing war games in New York at that time. I suspect that he will be a key player in this coming potential disaster for America. We shall soon find out. To sum this up; We are right now facing a sellout of our country from the highest levels of the White House. Patriotic writers know that it is not healthy to write about it. The illegal immigration problem is promoted by the same mob. Yet, the worm is starting to turn. The popularity of their top man is at rock bottom, and if the facts above becomes known by a few million Americans, Bush and the CFR are gone. It is now a race for time between a tiny minority of conspirators in high places, and the millions of Americans who are only beginning to wake up, wondering, but still trusting those that they assumed were Patriots working for them. Every writer and citizen who is not taking part in this exposure of the CFR, is covering up for their dastardly part in the destruction of our country . The God of Heaven, knows all about it, and is able to save us if we repent and call upon him for our protection. Warren B. Appleton, Registered Professional Engineer, Retired.


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