The Americans who hate America. Another great column from Chuck Baldwin.

Hate America? Count Me Out!
By Chuck Baldwin
September 11, 2009

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On this 8th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon,
it behooves me to comment on the spirit of hatred that seems to motivate
many people in and out of our great land. That the supporters and disciples
of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Tse-tung, and
Adolf Hitler would hate America is understandable. Communism, socialism, and
fascism are diametrically opposed to everything the United States was
founded upon. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who espouse the
tenets of these "isms" would exude hatred for America--at least for the
America of our forebears. What is most disconcerting, however, is the number
of people within our country (and I don't mean illegal aliens) who harbor
hatred in their hearts for our beloved land.

To be sure, one can count me in with those who hate the manner in which the
international banking cartel has wormed its way into the inner workings of
our federal government. I hate the condescending, elitist attitudes of many
in higher education. I hate the way globalists--such as David Rockefeller
and his ilk--have been able to use the federal government to promote and
safeguard their own private financial and political agendas. I hate the way
secularists in public education and private organizations--such as the ACLU,
People For the American Way, the Anti Defamation League, etc.--have been
able to strip our culture of its Christian heritage. I hate the way
politicians from both parties in Washington, D.C., ignore and trample the
U.S. Constitution. I hate the way professing Christians and "conservatives"
turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the warmongering, police-state mentality of
many within the national Republican Party. I hate the way Nancy Pelosi and
her gaggle of liberal Democrats use their power to promote socialism in
America. I hate the liberal bias of the mainstream news media. I hate the
so-called "political correctness" that permeates the philosophy of virtually
every major organization in America these days. I hate the attempts by
liberals and "do-gooders" of all stripes to take away my right to keep and
bear arms. And, yes, I hate the way America's foreign policy has been
manipulated by foreign lobbyists, socialists within the United Nations, and
international business interests.

With all of that said, however, if you hate America, count me out!

If Canaan was the Promised Land for Old Testament Israel, America was an
earthly Promised Land for Christians and lovers of liberty. In the
Providence of God, America was established by the right people, at the right
time, and for the right purpose. With all its shortcomings, the U.S.
Constitution--along with the Bill of Rights--is the greatest governing
document ever devised by man. And the Declaration of Independence is the
greatest birth certificate a nation ever had.

In fact, without the freedom and liberty protected by a 200-year history of
constitutional government, all those anti-America, anti-Constitution, and
anti-Founding Fathers critics out there could not even exist! As God gives
the atheist the breath he uses to blaspheme his Creator, so, too, the
Constitution protects the right of America-haters to foment their delirium.

I do find it demonstrably hypocritical, however, for these 21st Century
preachers to condemn America's Founding Fathers as being disobedient to
Romans 13, only to turn around and celebrate Independence Day--and even
conduct patriotic services in their churches. Even more egregious is the way
these same preachers who condemn the 13 colonies in their fight for
independence against the British Crown so quickly take up the war cry for
military aggression all over the world. Obviously, inconsistency is one of
the most consistent trademarks of Pharisaism.

The problem today is not that America is intrinsically bad. The principles
of religious liberty, State sovereignty, Natural Law, self-government, and
federalism are as righteous and good today as they were in 1776.  The
problem today is that the American people have lost touch with these
principles and have allowed those who deny these principles to gain
ascendancy within our land. The problem is, the America that was created 233
years ago is being supplanted with new doctrines and ideas. In fact, the
doctrines and ideas prevalent today are really nothing new: they are the
same antiquated doctrines of centralism and collectivism from which the 13
Colonies broke free so long ago.

So, I say it proudly and loudly: I love the America our Founding Fathers
bequeathed to us. I love our republican form of government. I love America's
Christian heritage. I love the principles of federalism and constitutional
government. I love the Declaration of Independence. I love the Bill of
Rights. I love what our flag represents: a united federation of states. I
love the examples of sacrifices made at Bunker Hill, Lexington Green, and
Concord Bridge. I love the resolve and dedication of the colonial
patriot-preachers known as the Black Regiment [1].  I love the combined
wisdom, courage, and commitment to liberty demonstrated by George
Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry,
James Otis, Joseph Warren, James Madison, John Jay, et al.

My criticisms and condemnations are reserved for those who would remove
America from her roots, who would strip her of her principles, and who would
destroy the fabric of her foundation. Don't think for one minute that
because I loathe those who are trying to merge America into an international
New World Order or are working to dismantle constitutional government or are
attempting to turn America into a socialist state, that I am in league with
those who, in their hearts, hate America. I claim no brotherhood with them,
for they hate what I love.

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