A sinister dictatorship is taking shape in Europe- and nobody much notices! By Alan Franklin.

A sinister dictatorship is taking shape in Europe- and nobody much notices! By Alan Franklin. When the European Union moved to fulfill its plan to create a single superstate out of the 27 nations currently in the E.U, the only nation to give its citizens a vote was Ireland. Much to the dismay of the EU bosses, who poured a fortune into telling the Irish how to vote- “yes,” of course, the Irish rebelled and voted against giving their country away. This has, in true anti-democratic EU fashion, resulted in them being ordered to have a second ballot to get the “correct” result. This little nation of five million people is now being put under enormous pressure to get the second vote right. Once that happens there will be no more votes- EVER! You are seeing the end of democracy in Europe. This is so serious I cannot overstate it. America is in a similar parlous state with Obama, of course, as the world moves towards the New World Order- or dictatorship. Pat and I are touring America, showing what’s happening and how Bible prophecy is coming true before your eyes as the Revived Roman Empire prepares to rule the world. We are back in the States from February onwards, making DVDSs and doing talks. Our start will be in St. Louis and we will then be based in Tennessee, but if clusters of churches in other nearby states would like to see my presentations please e-mail me at this website. Time is short and darkness is closing in. Without being unduly dramatic, I doubt I will be able to speak out as I do for much longer. Help us get the truth out now while there is still time! Remember, the signs of the times show the Lord’s soon return. Just read Matthew 24, for starters.


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'Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits.'
Matthew 7:15,16

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