How about an Islamic crescent and a dragon on the Union Jack? COMMENT

This is from the Littlejohn column in the Daily Mail, which provides our main news ticker.He asks: How about 'God save poor Gordon Brown' as an alternative? Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general leading Gordon Brown's "Makes You Proud To Be British" committee, wants the National Anthem rewritten. He says the traditional version is not "inclusive" and particularly objects to verse six (did you know there was a verse six?) containing the line: "Rebellious Scots to crush." Presumably he would like Flower of Scotland revised, too, since it refers to sending home the English army "tae think again". Meanwhile a Welsh Labour MP says the Union Flag should be redesigned to include the Welsh Dragon. Why not go the whole hog and chuck in a Muslim Red Crescent and the eagle from the Polish flag? Actually, when it comes to God Save The Queen, the Sex Pistols got it right 30 years ago in their apocalyptic hit single of the same name. "There is no future in England's dreaming." Still, I thought I'd give Goldsmith a hand in bringing the National Anthem up to date and making it more inclusive. As always, it helps if you sing along. God save poor Gordon Brown ---Caught with his trousers down? God help him now ? --- Send him your sympathy ---Brought low by infamy --- Donors and lost CDs God save our Gord All faiths we do embrace ? ---The whole of the human race Can settle here. --- Big on diversity ---And inclusivity ---Banned the Nativity God help us all. Our land ancestral ---Now multicultural All welcome here. No need to integrate ---We will just celebrate ---You can live off the state No questions asked. If you're a terrorist --Islamic fundamentalist --- We'll take you in. Give you a council home --- Money and mobile phone ---Health care and a car to own No need to queue. Mullahs from Pakistan, ---Jihadists, Taliban Please come on down. Feel free to murder us ---Blow up a train or bus ---We promise not to make a fuss God help us all. Forgive us our racist sins ---And for filling our wheely bins With the wrong kind of waste. Though it's a mystery ---We hate our own history ---Even banned Christmas trees God help us all Alan Franklin adds: In fact God's judgement is falling hard on Britain, as on America. We abandoned Him, said no religion is better than any other, refused to teach our children right or wrong - and are now reaping the whirlwind. I see nothing but serious judgement ahead- in fact everything in Littlejohn's column shows it is here. Find out more in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - a great present for the unsaved as they will not find it boring!


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'Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish. But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall enter the ark...'
Genesis 6:17

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