Gee thanks! We get to have a coffee with one person! by Pat Franklin

Well goody gumdrops.  On Monday, March 8, in England we get to meet one person outside for a coffee.  Are we supposed to cheer?  Or clap on the doorsteps, as happened every Thursday at 8pm for weeks on end when the whole country clapped for the health service?  (actually we didn’t)  This  coffee event will not be outside a coffee shop, because they are all closed in lockdown.  You have to go to a park and take a thermos.  Jolly dee, as they say here , usually sarcastically.

Then six weeks later on Monday, March 22, we are allowed to meet with five other people outside.  Great!  We can invite two couples for lunch after church maybe?  Have to sit outside, and it might rain.  Usually does.  And what about using the loo?  Is the bathroom off limits to guests  in lockdown?  Will they have to eat and run?

This is England today, Feb 23, 2021. 


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'Behold, I am coming quickly (suddenly), and My reward is with me to render to every man according to what he has done.'
Revelation 22:12

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