Illegal immigrants murder more Americans every year than have been killed in Iraq since the war began. Opinion, by Chuck Baldwin.

"Must Watch" Immigration Videos
By Chuck Baldwin

Without a doubt, illegal immigration is one of America's most serious
problems. (And Europe's too- AF) The toll exacted by illegals is incalculable. Think of the
billions of dollars required to service the tens of millions of illegals
already in this country, not to mention the hundreds of thousands that are
continuing to sneak across our borders.

Think of the cost in terms of human
lives. Illegal immigrants murder more Americans every year than have been
killed in Iraq since the war began. Think of that. Think of the thousands of
Americans who are killed or injured due to illegal aliens who drive drunk.
Think of the cost to educate illegals. Think of the cost to incarcerate
illegals. If one wonders why the State of California is bankrupt, look no
further than the cost inflicted upon the Golden State by illegal aliens.

In spite of the horrific toll inflicted upon the American people by illegal
aliens, however, neither the Democratic nor the Republican Party has any
desire to do anything about it. Republicans within the Chamber of Commerce
want cheap labor, and Democrats want votes. Neither the Elephants nor the
Donkeys (at the national level) want to protect our borders. In this regard,
it matters not whether it is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House.

If readers want a resource where much information and documentation
regarding illegal immigration and its impact upon the United States is
provided, please visit this web page:

Furthermore, it has come to my attention that a group of young, independent
filmmakers has put together an extremely relevant series of videos that
chronicle the truth of illegal immigration. These videos are outstanding!
They cover all of the important elements of illegal immigration, and do so
with great precision and accuracy. There is no sensationalism or
exaggeration in these videos. All you will find is--as Jack Webb's TV
character, Joe Friday, used to say--"Just the facts, Ma'am." That's what one
will find when watching these videos: a lot of facts and a lot of truth.

Did I mention that the videos are professionally produced? They are. They
are not some cheap, amateur production: they are a first-class production,
as stellar as anything the History Channel could produce.

Readers should also know that I have absolutely no financial interest in
these videos. In fact, I have no personal or financial connection to the
videos whatsoever. My only interest is that the information contained in
these videos is information that every American citizen needs to know.

The title of the video series is "The Promise of Home." Here are the chapter
titles, summaries, and url locations of these fantastic videos:

Immigration 101: The Greener Grass--Mass Migration In the Global Economy

Immigration 102: The Wounded Land--The Environment and Open Space

Immigration 103: American Trauma--Jobs and The Economy

Immigration 104: The Tower of Babel--Assimilation or Separatism

Immigration 105: Re-Educating America--One People or Multiculturalism

Immigration 106: The Emergency Room--Immigration and The Welfare State

Immigration 107: Crime Wave at the Shore--Drugs, Gangs, and Sanctuary

Immigration 108: The Broken Door--Threats To Our National Security

Immigration 109: The Enablers and The Profiteers--Cheap Labor and
Ethnocentric Interests

Immigration 110: By the People and For The People--Grassroots America

Immigration 111: Racists, Xenophobes and Bigots

As one can easily see, there are eleven hard-hitting videos dealing with
virtually every important area that is impacted by illegal immigration.

Not everyone will agree with everything that is said in these
videos--including me. That being said, this series of videos is arguably the
very best truthful documentary regarding illegal immigration that exists.
For every bone in them, there is ten pounds of meat. And best of all: it
will cost you nothing, but time, to watch them.

So, sit back, watch, and learn. And while you're at it, forward this column
to a friend or loved one that you feel could benefit from watching these

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(c) Chuck Baldwin


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