Iran threatens to take control of the Strait of Hormuz - the west's oil lifeline.

Iranian Military Official: We've Drawn Up Three Plans Of Action To Confront Any Aggression Against Iran

Gulf Leaders met with Obama at Camp David this week to express worries about Iran's troublemaking. Obama says he understands their concern about a nuclear-armed Iran sparking a nuclear arms race in the region. The situation is serious and getting worse daily, as Yemen is really a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Iran, which has powerful armed forces, has sent a warship into Yemeni waters to escort a ship allegedly carrying "humanitarian supplies."

Thanks to the Russians pouring in arms and expertise, Iran has the means to pose a military threat to the Middle East and beyond. While its immediate target is Israel it also aims to confront America - and spread its brand of Islam through the Middle East. Clearly, it will only be stopped by strong military action, as sanctions are easily dodged with the help of the Russians, Chinese and others. This report is from MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institure, which translates Islamic statements into English so we can all know what they really think.

Iranian armed forces operations head IRGC general Ali Shadmani has said that three plans of action have been drawn up to confront any aggression made against the country.

Speaking on the anniversary of the 1979 liberation of the Iranian town of Paveh from Saddam Hussein's forces, Shadmani warned the U.S. that Iran's forces will take full control of the Strait of Hormuz if the U.S. carries out any act of aggression or bullying. Shadmani added that the proposed action has already been practiced in several military drills.

He claimed that the Iranians are keeping an eye on U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan [that is, they know where they are and what they are], and will paralyze those forces if even the slightest aggression is carried out against Iran. He added that Iran would not allow these forces any opportunity.

He also called Israel the backyard of America, and said that Iran would disturb the calm in that backyard – and that both Israel and America are aware that Iran has this capability.

Sources: Aftabnews [affiliated with Rafsanjani]; Asriran; Mehr; Tabnak; Iran

This report, which I have previously printed, is still bang up to date. Iran, home of Shia Islam, has always been and will always be a threat to the Middle East and world until the Lord deals with them, specifically when they join Russia in an invasion of Israel (see Ekekiel 38/9). These are exciting times for those of us who study prophecy, as End Times events are shaping up precisely as the Bible predicted. Want to know more? A lot  of information is in our books and DVDs, available from the web shop on this site. I will also speak to any church in the USA or UK which invites me, subject to availablility. Contact me at


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