Marburg - is this the next pandemic announced in advance?! by Pat Franklin

 Sorry, folks, more bad news.  Someone sent me a Telegram posting . It shows Kieran Morrisey, who claims to work at a Dublin hospital, talking about the announcement of the next alleged virus, Marburg, and the toxic vaccine which may have already been produced.  He claims it contains the deadly poison ricin.

Forgive any misspellings, as the posting disappeared from my device before I could finish my notes (probably my own tech incompetence).  Mr Morrisey said he started researching after his daughter had a very bad reaction to the Gardasil shot.

He says the Marburg pandemic to come was announced in April on the GAVI vaccine website.

As someone once pointed out to me, God announces the future and His intentions, and Satan copies that. 

The Marburg virus already exists in Africa, is similar to Ebola and is spread by fruit bats.  Thank the Lord it is very rare, and may it stay so!

Mr Morrisey refers to a 2017 report on what is actually contained in 40 different vaccines in which researchers allegedly found vaccines contaminated with heavy metals.  I cannot find the report to get the names of the reasearchers; maybe some readers can find it.  

This all sounds crazy, but that is the nature of the time we live in.  No one could have imagined all that has happened.

The good news is that the Lord Jesus is certainly coming back, as He promised, and we hope very soon.  The important thing is to be ready when He comes.  He promises a crown to those who are happy to see Him!  I want that crown.

And He urges all of us in Luke 21:36 to pray always that we may be accounted worthy to escape all that is coming on the earth and to stand before the Son of Man.  Yes!  That is certainly my prayer, every time I think of it.   I know I'm not worthy, but I hope He will account me worthy!

So take heart, dear friends, and try to tell someone today about the Lord Jesus and how they can have all their sins forgiven if they will only put their faith and trust in His atoning sacrifice on the cross.

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