Big Brother has arrived and is living in Brussels. Comment.

One of the great campaigners against the vile EU superstate, which has now sucked Britain into its maw, is Derek Bennett, editor of The Euro Realist, linked to this website. This is part of his comment from the latest edition…

In 2010 the invisible rulers of the EU finally get their hands on great chunks of power and  we will begin to see some

drastic changes, sadly none for the better.


As the nonentities of the EU rise to the fore our only and last option to save ourselves is to leave the European

Union. Will you be voting for that next May by voting UKIP or will you doom us by voting for the same old Lib, Lab, Con? AF adds: remember, the wet noodle Cameron will not defend our nation having already gone back on his pledge of a referendum. And the EU will bring in more and more big brother-style surveillance. The EU plans to put a black box in every car, to spy on us every time we travel. One of the main reasons for the EU’s enthusiasm to bleed all motorists of their fast dwindling finances is to justify its disastrous space odyssey, i.e. the Galileo GPS satellite, which is way over budget

and behind schedule.


Because of this, the EU wants every car to be fitted with black boxes at a cost of £500 each to

enable it to monitor all movements, and to charge drivers for each mile driven.  These boxes, which smack of ‘Big Brother’, would also monitor how people drive.


That’s not all. It’s fast forward on identity cards, which will have every detail on our lives permanently imprinted on their microchips. A group fighting this, called NO2ID, says proposed UK ID cards are not simple identity documents, but involve

a complicated and oppressive permanent surveillance. They say that in fact Home Office plans (from 2011) to make people register on a database for life when they renew their passport will put many

people off travelling altogether.



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