The One World System - aka The New World Order- is hiding in plain view.

Alan writes: I'm writing this on tour in America, from a library in St. Louis. And as we speak in locations across the USA, I find people are astonished at how far down the line we are towards the fast approaching New World Order. The economy is bad here, far worse than government statistics (from the Department of Guesswork and Silver Linings) would have you believe. One commentator wrote that the real figure out of work in America, including those who are discouraged from job seeking- not on official figures- and those working part time, could be 30 million - ten per cent of all Americans.


There is a sense of fully justified unease. More money is about to be spun out of thin air, to little avail, one suspects. Nothing is working. Government money creates some work all right, but it is not permanent. Few private companies are thinking of hiring. Things are bad. This is creating the conditions for some really touch economic times ahead. Readers have heard me say over the past four years that we are approaching The Greater Depression. I still hold that view. There never was much of a recovery after the shocks of 2008.

Desperate times will bring, not desperate measures but cool, calculated moves to take away national sovereignty, abolish paper money and bring in a one-world government and one world currency. People in high places- inspired by beings in low places -have been plotting this for centuries. Their time fast approaches. Now read this story, from a website I respect:


Hiding in Plain Sight:
The One-World System

by Heidi Swander

"On April 2, 2009, the work of July 4, 1776 was nullified at the meeting of the G-20 in London."  So begins an article written by author and commentator Dick Morris on April 7, 2009, titled, "European Socialism to Run Our Financial System."  According to Morris, a communiqué from the meeting "essentially announces a global economic union with uniform regulations and by-laws for all nations, including the United States." Please note: This took place last year.

This new financial state-of-being was confirmed in a statement made by Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank, in a speech he made to the Council on Foreign Relations earlier this year.  He said, "For the good and appropriate functioning of global finance it is extremely important that we, in this new ownership of global governance, have -- particularly on both sides of the Atlantic -- the implementation of the same rules in the same fashion."

Do not miss this. Do not tune me out.  This is vital information.  The global, one-world economy is being discussed by a top-level world banker as a done deal.  And notice that this statement is made in the context of global governance.  Sometimes when we hear words in the news like "economic," "G-20," "Council on Foreign Relations," we tune it out thinking, "That's way over my head," or "This isn't relevant to my life."  We couldn't be more wrong.

The Apostle John wrote of a one-world economy in his letter to the seven churches, Revelation.  The one-world economy is one facet of the antichrist's short-lived world dictatorship.  According to President Jean-Claude Trichet, this particular facet is in place.  Were you aware of this?
During his speech, President Trichet said the central bankers are presently in "an intense phase of discussion" about how to implement what the G-20 already resolved last year. I'm sure they are!  Can you imagine a group of men -- elitists though they may be -- trying to determine the direction in which to take the whole world economically?  A daunting task.
One necessary subject of this discussion must be currency.  Does the world use one currency?  A basket of currencies?  No currency; only credit?
Morrison Bonpasse, president of the Single Global Currency Association (SGCA), says, "It is now time to seriously pursue the goal of a Single Global Currency as managed by a Global Central Bank within a Global Monetary Union."

Carl Teichrib, in his masterful article, "One World, One Money: The Quest for a Single Global Currency," (an essential read) asks, "What would a Global Central Bank look like?" And then he responds, "The closest comparison we can make today is The Bank for International Settlements, an impermeable institution based in Basil, Switzerland."

When Brannon Howse filled in on radio for Jan July 10, he spent an hour explaining this financial behemoth in Basil, Switzerland called The Bank of International Settlements (BIS). The BIS is the central banker's bank. It loans to other central banks around the world. (Each country has its own central bank. An example is the European Central Bank.  America's "central bank" is the fallacious Federal Reserve.)

Brannon went on to explain that according to historian Carroll Quigley, in his book Tragedy and Hope, the BIS was actually the apex of a proposed structure that would "create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole." (I can't recommend this hour with Brannon Howse highly enough.  Get a paper and pen -- better, sit at your computer. Take notes.)

Check it out:  "Able to dominate the political system of each country . . ." What would you call that kind of power?  I'd call it a one-world government.  Interestingly, Teichrib quotes from a 2003 lecture by Columbia University Professor of Economics Robert Mundell titled, "The International Monetary System and the Case for a World Currency," in which Mundell states, "A global single currency could not be achieved without a global government."
And so the two are intertwined.  A one-world government requires a global single currency.  A global single currency (and the correlating one-world economy) cannot be achieved without a one-world government.  And, according to Dick Morris and President Jean-Claude Trichet, we have a one-world economy.  (The icing on the cake is that the one-world religion is moving full-steam ahead.  Jan and Carl Teichrib discussed this on her show on July 31st, hour 1.

In his indispensable book,Grave Influence (if you haven't yet read it, you must!), Brannon quotes further from Dick Morris' 2009 article: "The Europeans have been trying to get their hands on our financial system for decades.  It is essential to them that they rein in free enterprise so that their socialist heaven will not be polluted by vices such as the profit motive."

And then Brannon, himself, continues, "The developments in Europe represent what I believe is the revived Roman Empire predicted in Daniel 2:41-43 . . . We are now watching the fulfillment of Scripture as Europe increases and America decreases."

So, you tell me: Is this relevant to your life?  You bet it is!  I realize that it's not exactly as you hear it in the news every day.  You may hear many of these terms, but it's all presented in such a way that one yawns in boredom.  However, as Brannon mentioned on Jan's program, this is not a conspiracy. It's in process right out in the open for anyone to see and know who will simply read and listen with discernment and a Bible in one hand.  The entire one-world system is being constructed right under our noses.  We must sit up and pay attention!

What does this mean for us, practically speaking?  I think Jesus said it best: "Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near" (Luke 21:28). Amen!


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