Christians stand with Israel as Obama and the Muslims seek its downfall.

Pro-Israel Groups Support PM Netanyahu Prior to Sunday Speech

Thousands of letters are on their way to Prime Minister Netanyahu from member groups and their constituents associated with the Unity Coalition for Israel. They offer the pressured Israeli leader a strong message of support as they speak out for a beleaguered Israel.

Millions of people in the west are beginning to understand that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a territorial issue. According to the PLO and Hamas Charters, dividing Israel is only one step toward eradicating the entire state.

Since Obama`s Cairo speech, many more Americans are beginning to believe the repetition by the radicals of their often-stated mission. Repeatedly leaders of the radical Islamic movement are outspoken regarding their intent, issuing an increasingly familiar hue and cry, "Death to Israel! Death to America!" The radical ideology that drives Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah, the leading terrorist organizations, is spelled out in the letters addressed to PM Netanyahu:

“Not only would such an entity [a Palestinian state] endanger Israel, but it would advance the front-line of radical Islamic ideology, making the United States and eventually all of western civilization more vulnerable to a global Islamic caliphate.”

Strangely President Obama neglected to point out the world-wide epidemic of suicide bombing attacks (including 9-11), honor-killings, and beheadings. Video clips and documented reports are widespread in the social networks - Youtube, Facebook, Twitter - substantiating the radical agenda.

In their letters to Netanyahu, supporters further stated, “I want you to know that along with millions of other Americans I am strongly opposed to the Saudi Road Map. It would mean the arbitrary introduction of a terrorist, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian (dhimmi) Palestinian state within the heartland of Israel.”

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The Unity Coalition for Israel brings together Jewish and Christian groups in a non-partisan alliance speaking out for Israel`s safety and security. It is celebrating 18 years of service this month.

Esther Levens
CEO and Founder,
Unity Coalition for Israel
Phone: (913) 648-0022



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