Alan's next speaking date, in London.

Can we make sense of this mixed up, muddled world? Only by studying Bible prophecy! We live in the most exciting time in world history, with numerous Bible prophecies being fulfilled, yet instead of yearning for our Lord’s return most of the church is….yawning! This is the greatest story never told, but journalist and author Alan Franklin is telling some of it  on Saturday October 30 at The Tree of Life Fellowship from 10 am to 3 pm, meeting at  Clayhall Baptist Church 62 Harewood Drive Clayhall, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0PH. Half of Alan’s presentation is called “What in the world is going on?” and follows the setting up of The New World Order, the coming money crash, the one world government and the “Mark of the beast” - the coming system of electronic trading which will likely involve a microchip being inserted under people’s skin, on their right hand or forehead. Alan mixes Bible prophecy with world news, illustrated with many pictures taken by he and his wife Pat on their speaking tours. He says time is short, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is near and all this is proved from prophecies written up to 2,500 years ago. The second part of Alan’s presentation uncovers the secrets of the world’s main cults and isms and is based on the book jointly written by Alan and Pat called: Cults and Isms: True or False? Do we all worship the same god, as misguided priests and politicians often claim? Or is there just one way to God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Bible states? 

Alan contrasts the teaching of the major false faiths, including un-Biblical developments within the Christian church, with what the Bible says. It’s an eye-opener. Alan says that as he and Pat travel it is obvious that even among committed Christians there are many who are confused by cults and isms. After Alan’s talk everyone present will be unconfused, for God is not a God of confusion, but of sound mind.

Alan is broadcasting to America on Tom Horn's news show, Raiders, on October 28 and on Sunday October 31st is speaking again at his home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey, near Aldershot, Hants.

Alan speaks where invited, in Britain, America and Canada. Next year's diary is already filling up, but time is being set aside for North American visits in spring and fall. If your church is interested in hosting a teaching day, please get in touch sooner rather than later, as too many leave it late.


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