Surprise, surprise: Russia and Iran can’t be trusted and Iran is working on nuclear missile warheads. Who’d have thought it? (!)

Surprise, surprise: Russia and Iran can’t be trusted and Iran is working on nuclear missile warheads. Who’d have thought it? (!)ALAN FRANKLIN writes:All news should be viewed through the lens of prophecy to understand what is really happening. Without thorough Bible knowledge, particularly of the one-third of the Bible that is prophetic, the world situation makes no sense. Who are the bad guys? Who are the good guys? Who should we trust? - and what happens next. These are subjects I cover in detail when I speak, in the USA for the next month- see below for speaking dates. Now let’s take a look at a report stating that Russia has been violating the 1991 nuclear arms treaty – and Iran and others are also misbehaving….

The US Senate is debating whether to sign a new arms control treaty with Russia. Obama is pushing it- no surprise there. Some Republicans- those with their brains switched on –think the Russians will break their word just as they have been doing since the last treaty was signed. And you thought Putin, an ex-KGB Colonel, was really our friend? Ho Ho ho….Furthermore, a State Department arms control compliance report, requested by Republicans, reveals that Iran is beavering away making nuclear missile warheads. As they regard America as “The Great Satan,” (Israel is The Little Satan) guess who they are hoping to destroy?

If you read Ezekiel 38/39 you will see an astonishing prediction that Russia - the country from the far north-will lead a confederation of nations, including Iran (Persia), to attack Israel. You don’t need to work this out- the Bible says it will happen and all prophecies in the Bible have come true precisely as predicted, the most notable being the regathering of Israel and its reformation as a nation state in one day, in 1948 – as predicted 2,500 years before! The invasion fails, of course and the invaders are destroyed- as detailed in my talk on The Middle East in Bible Prophecy.

Therefore it is no surprise that Russia and Iran are firm friends, or at least, friends of convenience. They both hate America and the west, something the wooly-minded should grasp quickly.The friends of the west are those nations which are democracies, and the notable case in the Middle East is Israel, a nation which God gives a special blessing for supporting. There are fair-weather “friends,” like Saudi Arabia, but under the surface they despise us and they also note weakness and submission, something Islam demands of infidels- that’s all non Moslems.


That’s why it was significant when Obama bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia on his visit there – the land which pays for mosques round the world, mosques in which our lifestyle and beliefs are routinely denounced.On Russia's START violations, the report stated: "Notwithstanding the overall success of START implementation, a number of long-standing compliance issues that were raised in the START Treaty's Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission (JCIC) remained unresolved when the Treaty expired on December 5, 2009."

 The Washington Times has obtained a copy of the report (Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments)  on arms treaty violations which, basically, shows that we can no more trust our enemies now than we could at the height of the cold war. They still want our downfall and, the more naïve we are, the faster that will happen.The Times reports that under pressure from the Obama administration, Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hope to approve the treaty and send it to the full Senate before the monthlong August recess. But that gives Senate leaders only a limited number of working days in September to deal with the treaty before adjourning for the midterm-elections campaign.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry and Indiana Sen. Richard G. Lugar, the panel's ranking Republican, back the treaty, but the administration still needs the support of several GOP senators to obtain the required two-thirds majority for ratification.The compliance report is required under the Arms Control and Disarmament Act, and the last report sent to Congress was in 2005. That report also noted several major Russian START treaty violations.The recent violations were not identified in detail. However, the report stated that past violations included Moscow's blocking inspections of mobile missile warheads — a significant problem that specialists say could allow Russia to create a large, hidden warhead stockpile.

The 2005 survey reported those violations and also the issue of Russia's failure to provide data tapes containing information provided by missile flight tests to ground stations, known as telemetry.Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican and a key voice in the START ratification debate, stated in a speech in October that Russia also violated START by its development of a multiple-warhead SS-27 missile variant that he said showed Moscow "cheated," if not in the letter then the spirit of the 1991 treaty..

On Iran's nuclear program, the report to be released Wednesday reveals that U.S. intelligence agencies still think that Iran halted work on its nuclear-weapons program in 2003, but provides new details showing that Tehran has failed to comply with International Atomic Energy Agency controls on its extensive nuclear program.Specifically, the report said Iran has not explained evidence showing that it is working on a nuclear warhead for the Shahab-3 missile, and tested detonators and explosives for nuclear arms.The report said the evidence showed Iran worked on casting uranium metal into hemispheres, like those used in the pit of a nuclear bomb; evidence of work on detonating a high explosive in "hemispherical geometry," also for a nuclear bomb; and the modification of a warhead for the Shahab 3. Iran also did underground explosives testing that appeared to be nuclear arms, the report said.

So now we know and there is no excuse for being naïve in dealing with the bad guys. They know who their enemies are. Do we?


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