Scientology's secrets revealed on British television

Britain’s Channel 4 TV has made public the secret of scientology – a secret  revealed only to Level 3 scientologists, according to the program.  We’re putting their secret on here, so read on. 

The documentary is called ‘Scientologists at War’’ and was screened on June 17, 2013.  The program narrator said:

 ‘To progress spiritually in Scientology you have to go through a number of stages which can take years and cost thousands of dollars.

 ‘Only the most dedicated are told the secrets of Level 3 – in which Scientology’s history of mankind is finally revealed.’ 

 The alleged secret history of the world is as follows:

 ‘Seventy-five million years ago a tyrant named Zenoo ruled  the galactic confederation, a colalition of 76 planets.  One of these planets was Tiga, which we now call Earth. 

 ‘The confederation was suffering from an overpopulation problem. So Zenoo had billions of people drugged and sent to earth.  He placed their paralyzed bodies around volcanoes into which he dropped hydrogen bombs. 

 ‘With the bodies now blown up, only the souls, or as Hubbard* calls them, Thetans, were left.

 ‘So they wouldn’t try to return, Zenoo captured these Thetans and implanted them with ideas like religion. 

‘The souls were left disorientated and clustered together .  The Thetans entered whatever human bodies they could still find.

 ‘According to Hubbard, the Thetans remain in our bodies and are the source of all human woes.

 ‘Scientology aims to completely clear an individual of their body Thetans.’

 One man interviewed on the program was scientology critic Tony Ortega, former editor of Village Voice, who said:  ‘I just find that such a deception - that it’s not till  you’ve given them ...(a lot of money) ... that they say: oh, by the way, your body’s infested with hundreds of thousands of invisible alien beings.  How many people would join Scientology if they were told that on day one?’

 Alan’s comment:  ‘It’s like a cross between demonology and Thunderbirds Are Go (a children’s science fiction series in England which was never intended to be taken seriously).    

 ‘You’d have to be extremely stupid to believe any of that c___p.’

 OK Scientologists, now you know the big secret.  However much money you have shelled out, isn’t it time to grow up and come out of that particularly goofy cult?

 You have no evidence at all for that version of history.  None.  We can PROVE that the Bible is true history, that Jesus is real, and that He really is coming back soon.  We have proof.  In spades. It is in our books.  This may be your last call, your last chance to come out of a cult and to put your faith in Jesus Christ, the Creator and the Redeemer of this universe, the coming King.

L. Ron Hubbard, the sci fi writer who created the religion of Scientology to make himself rich, is dead.  Unlesss he repented, he is burning in Hell.  Will you allow him to steal your soul, as he took your money?   Will you continue to deny Jesus by following the crazy religion of a scam artist?  Will you be joining L. Ron in the flames?

A good prayer:  'Lord, I've been had!  I've been tricked into believing lies!  Please help me know the truth and to trust in You.  Please give me the courage to come out of this outlandish cult.  Please forgive my sins.  Please make me one of Your people.  In Jesus' holy name.  Amen.'

If you want to know what other scams are out there masquerading as true religion, buy our book Cults and Isms:  True or FalseAlan adds: It shows exactly how the cults and isms are in direct contradiction to the Word of God - the Holy Bible. It's available from our web shop and churches can buy boxes of 48 books for their members at special low prices. We can ship a box to your US address for $275 inc p and p.

*  the late L. Ron Hubbard, science fiction writer and founder of Scientology .


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