In Anne Frank's old home town of Amsterdam, Jews are again being hunted down.

ALAN writes: Jews are once again being hunted down in Europe. Worldwide anti-semitism is at fever pitch - a sure sign that we are in the end times immediately prior to our Lord's return. Jesus was a Jew, something the world forgets. Satan is stirring up attacks on Jews as, if they can be wiped out - no Second Advent. It won't work, as you will hear at my presentations on prophecy. But two thirds of the world's Jews will be killed, the Bible predicts. Here's what's happening in Anne Frank's old home town..... Note the coy way the Telegraph refers to "young men often of immigrant origin.." They actually mean the tidal wave of Islamic immigrants pouring into Europe, where up to ten per cent of the population- a young ten per cent- is now Islamic.  

Dutch police use 'decoy Jews' to stop anti-Semitic attacks

Dutch police are to use "decoy Jews", by dressing law enforcers in Jewish religious dress such as skullcaps, in an effort to catch anti-Semitic attackers.

Dutch police use 'decoy Jews' to stop anti-Semitic attacks

Lodewijk Asscher, Amsterdam's mayor, has ordered the new decoy strategy to cut the number of verbal and physical attacks on Jews, amid fears that anti-Semitic "hate crime" is on the rise.

"Jews in at least six Amsterdam neighbourhoods often cannot cross the street wearing a skullcap without being insulted, spat at or even attacked," according to local reports.

Amsterdam police already disguise officers as "decoy prostitutes, decoy gays and decoy grannies" in operations to deter street muggings and attacks on homosexuals or the city's red light district.

Police in the Dutch city of Gouda have claimed the use of officers disguised as apparently frail old age pensioners has helped cut street crime.

"If we receive several reports of street robbery in a certain location, we send out the granny. That soon quietens things down," said a spokesman.

Secret television recordings by the Jewish broadcasting company, Joodse Omroep, broadcast at the weekend, have shocked Amsterdam, a city which prides itself on liberalism and which is home to the Anne Frank museum.

The footage showed young men, often of immigrant origin, shouting and making Nazi salutes at a rabbi when he visited different areas of the Dutch capital


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