The Bible tells why we won't have an Islamic Antichrist - it's scripturally clear and Alan Franklin tells more about Antichrist's future base, the EU, The Revived Roman Empire, in London on July 4.

Will Antichrist be Islamic? Not a chance! On Saturday, July 4, I am speaking in London on The EU In Bible Prophecy and The Rise of Israel and the Fall of the United Kingdom: full details of the venue and times are at the end of this item. So here is a quick summary of why scripture clearly indicates that we will shortly have a Roman Man Of Sin.

Daniel 9,vs 26, confirms that the Antichrist will be of Roman origin. Verse 27 indicates that he will make a peace/protection treaty with Israel, which will signal the start of the Tribulation period. Chapter 11 vs 37 is interesting in that the NASB correctly translates it as stating Antichrist will show no regard for the gods – plural - of his fathers. That again proves he will not be Islamic.

The fact that he also shows no regard for the desire of women indicates that he will probably be homosexual, which, I suspect, is the reason for the worldwide move to promote homosexuality as just another "normal" lifestyle.

The reason I wrote our first book, EU: Final World Empire, 15 years ago was to wake people up to the fact that Antichrist will be based in the EU, which he will be head of. The EU is the Revived Roman Empire and was established at The Treaty of Rome, held at The Vatican. It is a profoundly Catholic institution and no head of it has been anything other than RC.

However, world religions are fast merging, with the Pope to the forefront. I could write thousands of words on this - it is evident on all sides. Mary is being used to bring many Catholics and Muslims together and Mary-like beings, the  "Mother of God," are found in all the main religions. This is of course a demonic spirit with many names in many religions, right back to Babylon, the fount of all false religion.

I do not see Islam as a major end times force and in fact Psalm 83 indicates that the Arab nations around Israel will shortly be dealt with once they unite to attack Israel. Next comes the Ezekiel 38/9 Russian-led invasion which puts paid to the Red Army plus all the outer ring of Islamic states.

Europe is where the power will be, as America, like the UK ripe for judgment, is also shortly out of the picture - it is not in end times prophecy.

I had some happy hours in the European Parliament as a journalist, trying to identify Antichrist. The Lord showed me, in a very odd way indeed, that I was wrong. I got to meet the man I picked out, via a series of unlikely happenings. He even once gave me a lift to the airport and then sat next to me on the plane! He did become a leader of the EU - I won't reveal the exact title as I have never named him, which is just as well for I was wrong.

An American Christian just sent round a quick summary of more reasons not to expect an Islamic Antichrist, and here are some:

In the past few years there has been a plethora of books, cd's, YouTube videos, etc. presenting the claim that the antichrist kingdom of the last days is not the restored Roman Empire but Islam and that the Antichrist is the chief caliph of the Islam-conquered world.

This  theory can be debunked with a couple of verses and a couple of minutes of clear thinking --- if you implicitly trust what the Scriptures say.

1 John 2:22 says, "He is Antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son."  While Islam clearly denies the Son, it is a bit more difficult to make a case that they deny the Father. While they deny the Father-Son relationship, they don't deny there is a God in heaven. And that, ultimately, is what this verse is portraying.

The Antichrist will not only deny the Son of God, he will deny God period. I have a hard time reconciling this Antichrist with the aims of Islam, to get the whole world to own Allah as the only god and Mohammed as his prophet. 

2 Thess. 2:4 makes this point even more forcefully.  The Antichrist "opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the Temple of God, showing himself that he is God."

The latter phrase is to be understood in the sense that the Antichrist publically and officially proclaims himself to be god. How can anyone square the Islamic Antichrist theory with this passage? If Islam conquered the world, and then their head caliph sat in the temple in Jerusalem and proclaimed himself Allah, he would be dead in moments. 

Furthermore, it seems beyond belief to suppose that the Jews could possibly receive as their Messiah the caliph of an ISIS movement that has conquered the world. How does such a messiah bear any resemblance at all to any of the messianic prophecies in the OT or the Gospels or Acts?

How does it bear any resemblance at all to any Jewish traditions of their Messiah? Their Messiah will deliver them from their enemies, not enslave them, rape their women, and slay all who will not bow to Allah and say Mohammed is his prophet.

If ISIS (or any other Islamic combination, as ISIL/ISIS  is a passing phase - AF) rolled into Israel, they would immediately slay every Jew who would not acknowledge Allah and Mohammed. They might even slay them all without even giving them a chance to convert. There would not be three-and-a-half years of guile and false peace, and then treachery in the temple. The temple would be rubble before sunset the first day.    Brother Lee….

Want to find out more; the great untold facts about the rise of the EU and its future role as Antichrist’s power base? This is where I am speaking: All Souls Clubhouse (ASC) 141 Cleveland Street, LONDON W1T 6QG, downstairs in the Ground Floor Lounge, one of the "Israel & Prophecy" Meetings.  The doors open at 10 am and I start teaching at 10.30 am and finish at 3pm, with the latter half about the fate of the UK after it turned against Israel.

There is a one hour lunch break from noon. If you are coming you need to bring a packed lunch or eat at nearby cafes, like the Zilly Cafe opposite the venue. Light refreshments including tea, coffee, juice, biscuits and crisps will be available in the hall.

The nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street (Circle, H&C and Metropolitan lines) & Warren Street (Northern & Victoria lines) - both a two minute walk from ASC. Please check for engineering work before you travel.  

NB The meetings are at All Souls CLUBHOUSE, Cleveland Street, not All Souls, Langham Place! 

Further information from Sally Richardson tel 07867 793 253 / 07985 577773




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