Britain is no longer British as figures show one in eight residents born abroad and one in four babies born to foreign mothers. By Alan Franklin.

These figures, astounding to anyone who hasn’t been to a big British city recently, only tell part of the story. There is profound practical, spiritual and prophetic significance to this tidal wave of immigration, unleashed as it was by Tony Blair – the man who finally destroyed Britain. Blair, now busily trying to wreck the rest of the world with his so-called “Faith Foundation,” believes in something called “multi-culturalism,” a concept fraught with peril.

During Labor’s 13 years misruling Britain, when everything possible was done to destroy our society, from pretending homosexuality is normal to letting in millions of foreigners, many of them Islamic, emphasis was put on taking Christianity out of society and replacing its teaching in schools with “comparative religion.” This means there is no absolute right or wrong view on anything - all worldviews are deemed equal. This is what most young people now accept, having been brainwashed.

As Pat and I point out in our books - available from this website - this is nonsense. However, Blair – a shallow and foolish man –used to brag that he carried a Koran and that Islam is “a religion of peace.” Pieces more like- mainly body parts. (See our Table Of Truth, top left.) However, because no distinction is allowed and our country, like other western nations, has to pretend that all people who want to come here are of equal value, whether they be a blessing, like nurses from the Philippines, or something else, like the East European and Russian gangsters who also flooded in, we have made the fatal mistake of accepting into our society  millions of people whose philosophy is that they wish to destroy us! If you think this is a wrong and bigoted statement, read our Table of Truth on Islam and the further detail in our books.

Ah, so that’s why so many of those caught plotting explosions in western cities are either Islamic immigrants or their children…..!

Many other immigrants have brought their own false religions into Britain. One of the world’s largest Hindu temples, a giant monstrosity, towers over Neasden, London. God hates false religion and any nation that harbors it and its temples to false gods will be judged sooner or later. Of course, there is a spiritual reason for our downfall. We failed to bless the Jews, trying hard to stop Jewish emigration to Israel during and after the Second World War. During the war Britain, like America, failed to give refuge to the Jews when we and many other nations could easily have saved them. What a blessing these gifted people would have brought to our nations.

I suspect that God decided: Britain and America refused entry to Jews, who would have been of enormous benefit to those countries.  Now they will get the alternative- millions of Islamics bent on their downfall. If you go back to 1948, when the Jewish state was reformed in a day, within 24 hours of the British UN mandate expiring, you can date Britain’s precipitate decline from that period. Never was an empire lost so fast.

Back to immigration. Clearly, not all immigration is bad and America was built on it. However, the great mass of US immigration, until recent decades, was of people of similar backgrounds and worldview. This is far more important than “race.” The Bible clearly tells us that we are all of one “race,” at root – descendants of Noah and his family.  There is one race, the human race.

If you have a Christian background, even if you come from a church with poor theology, you are likely to fit in to a society whose legal system was based on The Ten Commandments. If you have an opposing worldview – and I am talking mainly of false religion – you will not fit in so easily, if at all. This is why many of the immigrants to Britain live in areas they have colonized.  They are not assimilating, for the most part, other than to partake in the welfare state. Nor can they “assimilate” because there is a religious roadblock preventing this.

Pat and I see this on my speaking visits to large northern cities, where whole areas are now no-go zones for what was once the native population. The reality is even more dramatic on the streets, for the percentage of the younger population that is foreign-born is far higher than the headline figures suggest, the British being quite an aging population. This is largely unreported by a media terrified of being politically incorrect, or running foul of the Blair-inspired PC watchdogs who attempt to close down all such comment.

If British leaders will not admit to any of this, other than via mealy mouthed do-gooding type statements, like those of the doofus Cameron and his ministers in our present pathetic excuse for a government, non-Islamic immigrants to Britain clearly see the danger.

We were guests at a Sikh celebration and, as the evening wore on, several of the Sikh men told me what they thought of Islam, declaring that there could be no compromise with a religion set on world domination. Police workers have told me they are astounded at the way Britain allows in legions of Third World immigrants who are clearly bringing little or no benefit to the country. (The Poles, in our experience, are hard working and a benefit to Britain.)

Is there any way out of this? Short of national repentance and prayer, which is highly unlikely, the answer is “no.” I feel a little like a character called Frazer in an old British television series called ‘Dad’s Army.’  Frazer, in times of stress, would shout “we are all doomed – doomed.” This is the truth for all who are as yet unsaved, for in the world there is only trouble ahead, especially as the world financial system crashes and millions will be unemployed, looking for someone to blame.

Now here is the story, from The Daily Telegraph, London, which has just revealed the truth about immigration to Britain- and Blair, the man responsible.

Almost one in eight people living in UK are born abroad

Almost one in eight people living in the UK are now foreign born after hitting record levels in the wake of the largest wave of immigration in history.

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor 10:00PM BST 14 Apr 2011 The proportion of the population born overseas almost doubled in two decades to more than 11 per cent, according to data seen by The Daily Telegraph. It meant that just under seven million people living in Britain were immigrants – enough to fill a city the size of London.


The rise was largely down to Labour's "open door" immigration policy, under which three million foreigners were added to the population during the party's 13 years in power. The figures, which were compiled by the Office for National Statistics, were disclosed amid a renewed debate on immigration.


David Cameron warned yesterday that uncontrolled immigration had undermined some British communities and led to "discomfort and disjointedness" in neighbourhoods. He said he wanted to reduce it from its current level of more than 200,000 a year to the "tens of thousands" before the next election. His comments led to a split in the Coalition, with Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, saying they were "very unwise" and risked inflaming racial tensions.


National statisticians estimated that, on current patterns, the population would pass the 70 million mark in less than two decades and two-thirds of that rise would be driven by immigration. The population stood at 61.14 million as of last June, the most recent estimate. Of that, 6.97 million were people who were born overseas – 11.4 per cent, the highest proportion on record. About a third of those had been given British citizenship since arriving.


The proportion had been rising steadily year on year and was almost double the 6.7 per cent recorded in 1991 when the foreign-born population stood at 3.85 million. Some 762,000 of those now in Britain came from those eastern European nations admitted to the European Union in 2004, which gave them access to the jobs market. The majority, 4.7 million, were people born outside Europe.


Britain now had a higher proportion of foreign-born residents than European neighbours such as France and Italy. One in four babies was now born to a foreign mother, another record. In 1998, less than 14 per cent of babies were to a mother who had been born overseas.


Nicholas Soames, the Tory co-chairman of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, said Labour's "spineless and futile" attempts to control immigration had left a "grave situation". "This is the whole point of the problem and why it has got to be dealt with," he said. "Immigration under the last government became completely out of control and it led, down the years, to what the Prime Minister has referred to as an imbalance."


In 2009, Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, claimed that the sharp increase in migrants over the previous 10 years was partly due to a politically motivated attempt to boost multi-culturalism. He said Labour's relaxation of controls in 2000-01 was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but ministers were reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working-class vote".


Cabinet ministers at the time denied any suggestions of "secret plots". The Labour government claimed that immigrants brought economic benefits and had the net effect of boosting gross domestic product by £6 billion a year. However, in 2008, an inquiry by the Lords' economic affairs committee, which included two former chancellors and a Labour economist, said such a measure was meaningless because it gave no indication of the benefit to each member of the population.


Evidence by Home Office officials to the inquiry estimated that theannual benefit of migration to the native population, which was known as gross domestic product per capita, was £30 a year or 58p a week in 2006. David Coleman, an Oxford University academic, estimated in 2007 that immigrants cost the taxpayer £8.8 billion a year, when social costs such as pressure on public services, running the asylum system and teaching English were accounted for.


Nigel Farage the UKIP{United Kingdom Independence Party) leader, said free movement within the EU would hamper any Coalition attempts to cut immigration. “It is clear that we cannot have our own immigration policy while we remain in the European Union,” he said.


Damian Green, the immigration minister, said: “As the Prime Minister made clear today, the last 10 years have seen record levels of immigration, and the British public quite rightly want to see these levels drastically reduced. “That is why the Government is committed to reforming the immigration system, bringing net migration back down to the tens of thousands and clamping down on any abuses. "We have introduced a new limit on economic migrants from outside the EU, major changes to the student route, and will soon unveil our proposals to reform both the family and settlement routes to the UK.” (AF - too little, too late, and likely to be circumvented if it ever happens!)


Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “These numbers illustrate the huge impact on all aspects of our society as a result of the mass immigration that took place under Labour. The churn is enormous, with real and serious consequences for the cohesion of our society.”  


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