The American Spirit vs. The All-Mighty Government. Comment.

The American Spirit vs. The All-Mighty Government

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Posted by Bobby Eberle


Much is being said about President Obama's massive spending bill. Under the pretense of "stimulus," the bill would be the largest infusion of earmarks and left wing government intervention ever.

The bill should be defeated, and NO Republican should support it. But rather than going line by line and showing just how bad it is, I believe we should all look at it from a higher level and see how this bill perfectly defines what the socialist mindset is all about. If you've ever had a hard time explaining the difference in political philosophies to your friends or co-workers, just point them to this bill. It is truly the American spirit vs. the all-mighty government.

The Obama spending bill cuts to the core of the liberal (left wing, socialist) belief that government knows better, and that government control is the only way to ensure that the ruling elite stay in place and everyone else becomes mediocre.

Consider this... when President Bush (or any Republican president) was pushing for his tax-cutting plan, the Democrats railed against it. One of their reasons was the old standby that it would be "tax cuts for the rich." Their other reason was that it would "explode the deficit." Their way of thinking... these people who are offended when you suggest that the American people should keep more of their own money -- is that if you cut taxes by X amount, the budget will be short by X amount, thus increasing the budget deficit.

The liberals never, ever consider that by cutting taxes across the board, more people will have money to spend, save, and hire, and the economy will start humming along and thus actually increase the revenue coming back to the government. It's been proven, but, hey, liberals don't need no stinkin' proof.

Anyway, let's assume that they are actually right... that a tax-cut plan would increase the deficit. It is clear and acknowledged that the current spending bill facing Congress will explode the deficit. The Democrats want to spend billions of dollars over and above what the country has and what the country has budgeted. Thus, an exploding deficit.

So, in either case, whether its "stimulus" via a massive tax cut or stimulus the Obama way, with massive spending on government programs and earmarks, the deficit will go up. But, clearly, in the minds of those of the left, one plan is bad and the other is good. Why? Because of freedom and the American spirit.

The Democrats are pitching a plan in the neighborhood of $900 billion. Please say that number out loud twenty times. It is an astronomical figure. Now for sake of argument, let's pitch the alternative "Eberle Plan," which is only $400 billion and is comprised of only one element across-the-board tax cuts.

With the Democrats so opposed to exploding deficits, they should be happy that my plan would "save" the taxpayers half a trillion dollars. But they wouldn't be. They'd oppose it because my plan relies on a belief in the American people, not a belief in government.

When something goes wrong, whether it's in world affairs or the economy, the Democrats look for someone or something to blame. Why? So that the government can "fix" the problem. They never, ever consider that some things, such as the business cycle, are actually cyclical in nature, and that they have ups as well as downs.

With the Eberle plan, the economy is stimulated by the American people choosing how they want to stimulate the economy. Do they want to increase savings? Done. Perhaps they want to buy more goods? Done. Or, perhaps they want to hire more people. Gasp! Yes, I know... my plan would mean tax cuts for the "rich" too, since they actually pay the overwhelming percentage of taxes and are actually in a position to hire people.

The Democrats have no such faith in the American people or the American spirit. Rather than let Americans stimulate the economy how they see fit, the Democrats say, "We will stimulate the economy the way WE see fit." The government way. Forget the American spirit... we believe in the all-mighty government.

Money would be spent in their plan, per their guidelines and mandates. Some tax cuts would be given, but only "targeted" to those whom they think "deserve" it. It won't go to the people who could actually use it to hire more workers. The spending would be for their vision of America... a small Washington elite determining how all of us should live.

I believe in the American spirit. I believe that given the opportunity to "stimulate" the economy with more money in their pockets that the American people would do just fine. We are in a downturn of a business cycle. Does anyone out there believe that it will be permanent? Has a downturn EVER been permanent? No. So, let the business cycle work, and if you want to kickstart it, then give people more of their money back.

For liberals, it all comes down to their belief that government knows best. All hail the all-mighty government.


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