Indian mother healed of cancer after church prays for three days - by Pat Franklin

Satya Valmiki (26) knew his beloved mother was dying of cancer.
Satya Valmiki (26), now a software engineer, was just a penniless teenager in India when his mother Rajeswai was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a terrible blow to the poor family, and the hospital doctors said she had only one month to live. Rajeswai had done everything she could to obtain an education for her son. When she was given saris as gifts by relatives, she sold them to pay for his school books. To pay for his schooling, she cooked in a hotel and when there was no gas, she cooked over a wood fire, breathing in the wood smoke. Eventually she contracted a virulent cancer and the doctors could not help. Satya's friend was a Christian, and urged him to bring Rajeswai to his church in the city of Vijayawada. 'I didn't trust this, but for the sake of my mother, I took her to his church. She was so sick she could not eat solid food. They laid her at the front and everyone prayed. She stayed there three days and nights and people came and prayed. She started to feel better and the pain went, and she knew she was healed. After the three days she felt well enough to eat. She went home and slowly within two weeks she started walking and doing things for herself. She went back to the hospital and the doctors said she was all right!' The miracle of healing was just the beginning of great things, for the entire family became believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now Rajeswai (42) is a group leader in the same Assembly of God church in which she was healed. The church has 6,000 members, so many group leaders are needed. I (Pat) met Satya in Israel, where he was spending a few weeks. His story of how his beloved mother was healed thrilled me. This is true healing, not the phony baloney stuff the false teachers brag about. No one gets any glory for this except the one Person who deserves it - Jesus Christ. When I asked Satya if I could put the story on our website, his eyes glowed. 'I want it to magnify the Lord,' he said. So do I. So.....Amen! P.S. What church in England or America would pray three days and nights for one very poor woman?


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