'Gay pride' in the Pentagon as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces leads the charge into Hell

The Pentagon, great headquarters of the armed forces of the mightiest nation the world has ever known, celebrated homosexuality on Tuesday.  The Commander in Chief, the man called Obama, led this charge into Hell.

Lower and lower still we go, with our once great nation dragged into more and worse sins by the man in the Oval Office.  I'm not  sure what his real name is, let alone where he was born.

The story of our new national disgrace is on OneNewsNow, where I saw it.*

In the story only a retired Army chaplain is quoted, and even what he says is pretty mild.  Where are the thunderings from our brave men?  Maybe there are some, but I haven't seen any.  The retired chaplain is 'disappointed'.   

I suspect that many, I hope most, military personnel are also horrified, but they  have a lot to lose.  

My only consolation is that we are seeing exactly the conditions in the world now which the Lord Jesus told us would precede His coming again.  He said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot.**  Everything in the ancient world was just carrying on as usual, like now, but once Noah went into the Ark, God unleashed worldwide catastrophe. 

In the days of Lot, everything in Sodom was just humdrum - if you don't count the rampant homosexual mobs looking for people to rape at night.  And Lot didn't even want to move!  The angels had to virtually drag him out...and then the fire fell, and all in Sodom died a horrible death.  Lot was the only decent man in the entire town.

These are the end times, folks!  We are nearly there.  The Lord is at the very door.  He could come today, and He is going to take His people out before the real trouble starts.  Are you ready?  You either go up to meet Him in the air or you stay here to face the terrible suffering of the Great Tribulation. 

Does this sound crazy to you?  If so, it is because you do not study the Bible and its many prophecies of the future.  Or you attend a church which does not even teach Bible prophecy, or worse, denies it.  The wrong church!  

You may not even have heard of the Rapture, when the Lord Jesus will remove His church.  We are so privileged to live now, and have the chance of getting ourselves ready - the only generation in history which will not die!  We're going up, not down!  All the signs Jesus told us to watch for are here.  Jesus is most certainly coming back and this is the generation which has the most incredible opportunity of side-stepping death and just going straight up to meet our great Lord in the clouds.  

You do not have to remain ignorant of these crucial truths. You need to personally know, truly know, the Lord Jesus Christ, by accepting Him as your Savior.  You need to ask Him to forgive your sins.  He died for sinners, so whatever you have done, He promises to forgive.  He loves you and wants you to be one of His people.  He is the true Commander in Chief!   He is the true King, soon returning to the planet He created.  Please fall in behind Him!  He will soon lead the charge to Heaven and if you're not with Him, you're against Him!

We have printed these and many other things in our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms: True or False?' They are on our website.

Or learn from the great prophecy teacher Dr David Reagan at www.lamblion.com or start reading the articles on www.raptureready.com or some of the other great websites which are free to all.   There is no excuse for ignorance.

*The link is this: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=1622222

** If this is strange to you, please get a Bible and look up the gospels of: Matthew Chapter 24; Mark Chapter 13; and Luke Chapters 17 and 21.  The true story of Noah and the Flood (for which there is abundant evidence all around the world) is in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, Chapters 6-8.  The true story of Lot and Sodom is in Genesis Chapters 18 and 19.

Finally, if Satan has enmeshed you in  sinful practices, you can change.  We know of homosexuals who have repented and found forgiveness and changed, and now live a normal life.  The Lord will have mercy on all who come to Him in genuine repentence.  If you are reading this, it is not too late.  For the man they call Obama it is probably too late.  There comes a time when God hardens people's heart after they repeatedly refuse His grace and deliberately continue to openly flout His ways and ignore their own consciences.  That is what Obama is doing now.  God is so patient with all of us that no one knows when the point is reached where His Holy Spirit gives up on a person, and that person's heart is allowed to harden in his sin.  When that happens, it is too late.  If you are reading this and are scared, it is not too late for you.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is time to get on  your knees and beg the Lord Jesus for mercy.


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'And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.'
Revelation 21:2

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