Sweden wakes up to the perils of Islamic immigration as elections see patriotic party take 20 seats. Is this the shape of things to come? By Alan Franklin.

A political party which – correctly –calls Islam  Sweden’s biggest national security threat since the Second World War has just won 20 seats in the Swedish parliament and holds the balance of power. This is the shape of things to come throughout Europe where, I predict, there will be fast-rising resistance to the growing Islamization of the continent.

Unemployed people with time on their hands may well start start taking action, so politicians need to respond to the will of the people before lawlessness breaks out in a big way. Once, if you went to Sweden, you found the streets filled with….Swedish people. Now, as has happened in every country in Europe, you will find women in burkhas, as one in seven of the population is foreign born, or something over 14% of the country's population of 9.4 million.


 A majority of the newcomers are Islamic, which is far more serious than the question of immigration itself. This is the great, almost unspoken truth throughout the western world: nations are being flooded by those whose religion vows to conquer the world and make all non-Moslems fifth class citizens, with few if any freedoms. That’s if their lives are spared, which in many Islamic nations is not the case. Virtually all terror threats worldwide come from these people, who are solely responsible for the need for the expensive security which now wastes so much time at every airport. 


If a political party states this obvious truth, which the people know, then the liberal media, like the BBC – The Biased Broadcasting Corporation- brands them “racist” or bigoted. In fact race is not the problem. As a Christian I believe we are all descended from Noah, his sons and daughters-in-law, so we share the DNA and genes of people round the world. It is religion, and the lifestyle springing from it, which poses the deadly threat. Lack of recognition of this truth leads to absurdities. That’s why, at airports, we have to pretend that British-born grandparents pose as potential a threat to airline safety as Moslem males under 40……. 

As Pat and I travel round Britain we find that, even in places both rural and remote, like the Isle of Wight, off Britain's southern coast, you find old chapels in backstreets have been turned into mosques, the first step towards attempted domination of an area, just as the Islamic Tower of Triumph - Cordoba House - is planned to dominate the area round New York's World Trade Center. 


We find much the same on our journeys through America, where we drive around 4,000 miles every year. In city after city mosques and minarets are being built in areas where the local population then feels threatened and moves out. This has happened in the area where Pat grew up in St Louis, where the local cinema has been turned into a mosque. Yet big media- and big political parties- persist in the incredible lie that this is somehow all right, that Islam, despite the stack of evidence to the contrary, is a “religion of peace.” 


However, this politically correct but nonsensical view is increasingly being challenged, even in previously leftist states like Sweden, where almost anything has thus far been tolerated. The worm is turning. People whose views have previously been unrepresented are forming new parties to challenge the destruction of their nations. Here’s some significant news from Sweden, but this is happening all over Europe.

Sweden elections end in hung parliament, rise of far-Right

Swedish elections on Sunday night ended in a hung parliament after the rise of a far-Right group narrowly prevented the conservative-liberal coalition government from winning an outright majority in Sweden’s parliament. (Alan adds: note the slur in the headline. Why are they “far right” when all they want to do is protect their nation? The establishment was so scared of them that they were denied all publicity - so much for a fair and balanced media!)

 From The Daily Telegraph, London.


The result, which gave Frederik Reinfeldt's Moderate-led alliance the largest share of seats in the Riksdag, was the worst result since 1914 for the Social Democrats, effectively ending the party's 80 year domination of Swedish politics. Official preliminary results showed Mr Reinfeldt’s centre-Right coalition winning 173 seats in the 349-seat parliament and the Social Democrat led Left-Green coalition with 156 seats.  

However, the big news of the night for a country which has long prided itself as being one of the most tolerant in Europe was that the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats (SD) looked set to win 20 seats, their first entry to the national parliament. Despite winning the largest share of the vote, Mr Reinfeldt’s coalition could face weeks of horse-trading after both his conservative-liberal alliance and the opposition left-Green bloc ruled out working with the far-Right.


“If this result stands we will have an uncertain situation,” said a government spokesman. Before polling opened, Mr Reinfeldt had pleaded for a clear majority amid fears that in the event of a hung vote far-Right MPs from the SD party could play a “kingmaker” role in forming a new government. “Don’t expose Sweden to this experiment. Make sure they don’t get any power,” he said of the far-Right. Bjorn Soder, the SD’s secretary, said his party was ready to start talking.

“Swedish politics has been silent too long as immigration has continued unchecked, we want to change that and are prepared to talk to any of the parties in order to forward our politics,” he said. Mr Reinfeldt’s campaign, built on popular tax cuts and healthy public finances, has been closely watched by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who is a personal friend and close political ally of the Swedish leader. His inconclusive victory has been overshadowed by the rise of the SD, a previously marginal group, which entered the mainstream by demanding cuts to immigration and by describing Islam as Sweden’s biggest national security threat since the Second World War.


Its election broadcasts, showing burka-clad Muslim women jumping the queue to take benefits from white Swedish pensioners, fuelled resentment over waves of immigration which have changed the make-up of Sweden, a once-homogenous Scandinavian country, where one in seven residents is now foreign-born. “The immigration policy is the most important issue in this election and we want that to be debated and we want the other parties to change their policy,” said Jimmie Akesson, the group’s leader. Success for the Swedish far-Right has followed a string of electoral gains for the far-Right across Europe in countries including the Netherlands, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Britain.  


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