Red alert: Ireland votes to give the State 'unbridled power to seize their children'. Beware England and America - we might be next. By Pat Franklin.

The Irish voted in a referendum last weekend to give the state the power to seize their children.  The Children's Rights Referendum was on Nov 10, 2012, and was presented as 'greater protection' for children.  In fact it will give the government the right to take  children away for good, with no evidence of any abuse or neglect.

Only about 1/3 of the Irish voted.  The Catholic Church, not noted for protecting Irish children from pervert priests, backed the state control law, which is in the form of an amendment to the Irish Constitution.  It passed with nearly a 60% majority.  It is being contested in the courts, but once in place, the state will be the judge of who can keep their children. 

The amendment  had cross party support in Ireland.  It was a reaction to a case in which a girl was subjected to rape and incest for 15 years.  Doctors and social workers had totally failed to help her.  But they COULD have rescued the poor girl under existing legislation.  

The Alliance of Parents Against the State says the new legislation gives the state almost unbridled power to seize their children.  The Irish state does not have a great record of looking after other people's children. Some 196 Irish children died between 2000 and 2010 while in contact with the State's care services. The figure was kept secret until a court ordered a report ( ).

The trend now is for more and more state control of our lives, usually in response to some perceived threat.  This Irish referendum is a good example.  Something bad happened.  The State reacts by removing people's freedoms.  In the case of Ireland, they even VOTED to give up their freedom.  

St Patrick, who was a real Christian and believed the Bible, would be thundering about this! 

Ireland (the Celtic name is Eire)  is in the European Union, so if this amendment stands in Ireland, it may spread  throughout Europe.  And since American judges are now looking to Europe in some cases to follow European precedents, it may even spread to America.

Sorry, folks, we can't bury our heads in the sand and just enjoy life.  We have to contend for the faith, contend for common sense, contend for what is right.

The state, in Ireland and everywhere else, already had plenty of legislation enabling it to protect children.   

Beware Britain and America.  If this accepted, we may not be far behind.  How long until all of us 'intolerant bigots' who believe the Bible are seen as unacceptable parents?  How long until home schooling parents are seen as a danger to their own children?


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