Americans to get unique online identy - forerunner of the mark of the beast!

 The Obama administration has plans for all internet users in America to have a unique online identity. At present it is planned to make your use of the number “voluntary.” We doubt this situation will last long. Once governments have the means of control in their hands, they use it. There could be many excuses for the government having total oversight of every e-mail you send, who to, where, when and so on. It could be to “curb spam” and root out spammers, something most people would support. Another excuse would be to track and stop “hate speech.” This could, for example, include criticism of the government, as America and other states get more and more paranoid and are often run by politically correct control-freaks. As I often state, liberals believe in free speech, but only as long as they agree with it. This new plan will lead to a national ID system, something many nations will soon have in place. Do your own research and you will turn up scores of examples. From the point of view of Bible prophecy, it is clearly leading to the mark of the beast clearly predicted in the book of Revelation. This is the Bible in the news- prophecy coming true in today’s headlines, something I talk about at meetings in America and Britain. These are exciting, if edgy, times! Here is part of the original report, taken from The Jerusalem Post, based  on material from CBS.  

President Obama has signaled that he will give the United States Commerce Department the authority over a proposed national cybersecurity measure that would involve giving each American a unique online identity.


Other candidates mentioned previously to head up the new system have included the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security, but the announcement that the Commerce Department will take the job should please groups that have raised concerns over security agencies doing double duty in police and intelligence work. So anyway, what about this unique ID we'll all be getting?

 Well, though details are still pretty scant, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, speaking at an event at the Stanford Institute, stressed that the new system would not be akin to a national ID card, or a government controlled system, but that it would enhance security and reduce the need for people to memorize dozens of passwords online. Sorry, Locke, sounds like a national ID system to us. Anyway, the Obama administration is currently drafting what it's dubbed the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which is expected at the Department of Commerce in a few months. We'll keep you posted if anything terrifying or cool happens.

Update: For clarity's sake, we should note that the proposed unique ID system will be opt in only, not a mandatory program for all citizens.


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