Free speech banned in Britain!

Christians are harrassed, threatened by authorities and constantly restricted in every way by the Socialist government of Britain, supported by their secular allies in the liberal media. We are "fair game." However, the Muslims are treated as pampered pets, so much so that when a Dutchman tried to enter Britain to show a truthful film about the religion of death, he was prevented from entering the country! It took the United Kingdom Independence Party to fight for his rights.ALAN FRANKLIN.

Wilders "Raising the most important issue of our times", says Lord Pearson
11:18 | 12/02/2009

Lord Pearson, UKIP Peer
Lord Pearson has rejected suggestions that Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who tried to enter Britain to tell the truth about Islam, was a racist, saying that he was raising "the most important issues of our times".

"He's certainly a very brave man and he's a very genuine man, and  not trying to enflame or infuriate anyone," he said.
"He's just trying to get Western society to wake up and stand up to violent Islamists"

"Why is that racist?" he asked. The Muslim religion crosses all the races on the planet so what has he said that makes him a racist?"

He added: "The most important issue of our time is Islamic militarism, which is violent jihad; that is the issue that this man is raising and I think that should be discussed much more, particularly among the vast majority of the mild Muslim community. I think they should talk about this much more and about what the Koran really means; they should discuss it with their violent co-religionists".

Asked if he would be as keen to protect the freedom of speech of someone delivering anti-Semitic speeches in public, Lord Peason said he would but that such speeches would be  "justly ridiculed".
"It would be a good joke to come and listen to it," he said. "It happens at Hyde Park corner anyway doesn't it?

15:07 BBC News

Lord Pearson later added that it was extraordinary for the Foreign secretary to claim the Geert Wilders film is full of hate without having seen it, and claimed that the "film isn’t offensive unless you’re a violent Islamist".

“Neither I, nor Baroness Cox, agree with Mr Wilders that the Koran should be banned in Holland. We don’t want it banned at all. But we do want it discussed. 

“For the Foreign secretary to say that he hasn’t seen the film, and that it is filled with hate is extraordinary. It is not filled with hate. 

“We are going - ahead to show it anyway this afternoon. We are then going to have a panel, chaired by Baroness Cox. 

“I can’t see how we’re encouraging violence. The film isn’t offensive unless you’re a violent Islamist. 

"Would any of this happened had Mr Wilders said ‘ban the bible’? Of course it would not have happened. You have to ask yourself why. 


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