The white slave trade that media never mentions: time to learn some real history.

Not a lot of people know that between 1530 and 1780 more WHITE slaves were kidnapped and sold than Africans! The culprits were the same people who started, continued and still operate the slave trade: Arab Muslims. Evidence of this abounds. For example, Obama’s name is Arab – he is the descendant, in large measure, of Muslim slavers.


A million white people- a huge number in the days when populations were small – were kidnapped from places like the coasts of Ireland, where whole villages were snatched and taken to the Middle East. This story is on our website on Bill Federer’s American Minute (use search engine top right to read it) but this excerpt, from The Berean Call which provides a lot of our Christian News (see top left of page) tells more of the story. A link to for the whole tale is below. 


Before Europeans and those of European descent accept more heaps of guilt, let’s look at the facts. All slavery is awful, but it continues  in places like India where generations in the lower castes are bonded to employers. It is racist to single out one group of people – Europeans –and falsely claim that they – we – are solely to blame for the world’s ills. Christians like us, who accept God’s account of Creation in Genesis, know that just one race was created - the human race.  There is only one pigment, melanin, and we get more or less of it.  Those of us labelled 'white' are not white at all, but light brown. 


DNA has proven that there are precious few differences between those who come from different parts of the world; we are closely related and share common ancestors. Therefore, Christians should never accept racial stereotyping. This works both ways! This is important as politicians whose own pasts often do not bear close examination jump on this latest bandwagon, to extract guilt money for slavery.


The following article shows that if blame should go anywhere it should be to those Muslim nations which seized people for slaves long before corrupt European shipowners joined the racket. Remember, it was Christian British men like William Wilberforce who fought to end the slave trade. Many Africans – and countless Muslims - wanted to continue with it, as it was profitable for all involved, whatever their “race.” 




In another case of anti-Western grievance-mongering at the United Nations, the leaders of two Caribbean nations are calling for slave reparations from Western nations that profited from the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Recently, the U.N. General Assembly heard from the prime ministers of two twin-island Caribbean nations: Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


In separate speeches, the Caribbean leaders declared that reparations were needed to remedy the barbaric injustices of slavery that Western nations set loose upon the world--and whose legacies continue to this day, according to Caribbean news outlets.  "Antigua and Barbuda has long argued that the legacy of slavery, segregation, and racial violence against peoples of African descent have severely impaired our advancement as nations, communities and individuals across the economical, social and political spectra," Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer told the General Assembly. 


How should descendants of African slaves be compensated according to reparations advocates? Spencer called for formal apologies from former slave-trading Western nations; and then they must "back up their apologies with new commitments to the economic development of the nations that have suffered from this human tragedy." The Caribbean region, to be sure, is already a major recipient of U.S. foreign aid, a fact the speakers failed to mention.  


Neither men, moreover, mentioned an awkward detail: Their own African ancestors may have owned slaves and participated in the slave trade (though they never did as well, of course, as Westerners who were not doing anything illegal at the time). Curiously, the Caribbean's reparations hustlers only single out Western nations in their demands. They ignore the slavery that existed elsewhere in the world--the Middle East, Africa, and South America; and while they mourn Africans caught up in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, they shed no tears for the millions of Africans who disappeared (and continue to disappear) into the Muslim slave trade.


Nor do they condemn slavery that persists in Africa today; or the human trafficking that's a problem in many parts of the world, including Jamaica. Ultimately, reparations advocates distort the realities of the ancient slave trade, according to Ohio State University Professor Robert Davis. "We cannot think of slavery as something that only white people did to black people," says Davis, author of Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003). In his book, Davis documents that Muslim slavers off North Africa's Barbary Coast enslaved one million or more white Europeans between 1530 and 1780--a number greater than Africans enslaved during the same period.  


Why is the enslavement of white Europeans ignored? Because it fails to echo the scholarship favored today-that history is all about European conquest and colonization, says Davis.   

And Pat Franklin writes:  This 'race' issue is fraught with hypocrisy.  When I registered to vote in the US the form had a space for 'race'.  A black woman at the government office was guiding me through the form, and when it got to 'race', there was just a blank space.  What was I supposed to put?  C for caucasian?  W for white?  I wanted to put H for human.  In the end I think she advised me to put W.

As for the white slave trade, it is the butt of jokes - as if it never happened.  I know it happened when I see an Arab with green eyes.  Irish eyes.  The Irish eyes that were not smiling.

And no, we do not hate Arabs.  Some of the finest people we count as friends are Arabs. 

What we reject is Islam, a religion of hatred aiming at world domination.  We do not hate muslims, no way.  We hate the religion of hate - the religion of Muhammed, the false prophet.



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