America no longer has a dictatorship but a dangerous egomaniac still illegally occupies the White House.

Something is still horribly wrong in America, quite apart from the fact that it is fast hurtling into bankruptcy. The country is in the age of unreason as witnessed by the fact that Obama – the illegal president who shouldn’t even be holding office – is taking 3,000 people in 40 aircraft with him to India. This is a man whose ego is out of control, whose refusal to face reality led to him bragging about not watching the election results as a whole succession of liberal clowns were shown the door. Here’s an article from The Tea Party which asks, for example, why big media, even Fox, which is almost as useless as the other networks, failed to mention vote fraud..ALAN FRANKLIN "

These Are Historic Times In American Politics,Be Part Of Restoring Our Beloved Nation!"Steve Eichler J.D. Exe. Director, Tea Party/ 


The big problem the day before and after yesterday's tsunami-like election is the ongoing media failure to confront the big reality: Something's not normal. It is not normal to have White House officials casually state that President Barack Obama was not watching election returns last night, particularly when those returns left him in a sort of 'Home Alone' state. Has anyone thought to ask if he wasn't watching his future unfold, then what was he doing? 


At the very least, a dictatorship fell with Republicans now dominating the House of Representatives. No trips, golf games or state of denial can change that, and the same people who brought about last night's mighty Change and Hope can be depended upon to keep the Repubs' feet to the fire. It is out of the norm for an already established narcissist, self-centered ideologue - not watching election returns on television - to have called to congratulate incoming House Speaker John Boehner, but only in keeping with Marxist cunning.  


"Something's not normal" reeks particularly from the traveling circus of 3,000 people who  travelled to Mumbai, India on Friday. Who's along for the ride? With the Dems no longer there to protect them, are the czars being taken into exile? Why do a president and his village-size traveling contingent need 40 aircraft? Why do talking heads go all around the topic but not point out the plain fact that something isn't normal here. 


Talking heads who keep reminding us that there were evil presidents before Obama are doing America a huge disservice. Bad as they were, none was depraved to the point that they flagrantly hated their own country and its people. When it comes to America, Obama acts as though he might have lost his marbles, yet no one is calling for the guys in the white coats. It is not normal but sick to hate, let alone hate a country so many others look up to. It was not normal for Nancy Pelosi to keep denying reality after polls proved otherwise last night, claiming to that the Dems would get a majority. What are these people on? 


It is not normal for television networks to go on about the Tea Party losing "after spending all that money" but not go on about Harry Reid spending the family farm with the help of the Casino Boy's big bucks in an Election where SEIU thugs manned the voting booths. Is it normal that not one of these networks - FOX included - ever spoke on Election Night about election fraud, including the denial of America's troops to cast their votes? It is not normal that any president would want to leave home turf two days after his Party lost control of the House of Representatives; not normal that he would be departing American soil at a time when intelligence officials have already established that there may be mail bombs out their waiting to be detonated. Why are they all so afraid to say it:


There's something seriously wrong with Barack Obama. And until the day he's no longer in the White House, there will be something seriously wrong with America. Source:   We Need Your Help More Now Than Ever! 


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