Last few days: Our books and DVDS are still on special offer - any three for £20! ($30) Help us spread the truth while there is yet time! Time is running out....

We are making our best material - books, DVDS and a music CD in Britain and books only in North America - available to readers at a very special price: three items for £20 ($30), plus postage.We want our latest book, Cults and Isms, True or False?; our Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain book, and any of our DVDS to get out to a wider audience. Remember, they make meaningful gifts to unsaved loved ones and are presented and written by journalists who know how to communicate.

You can choose any three items from our webshop. It could be three Goodbye books, or three Cults and Isms books. It could be two of one and one of the other. Or it could be three DVDS. We also have a few copies of an unadvertised DVD I made on the North American Union: fact or fancy? Or you could have any two books and one DVD - IT'S UP TO YOU.

Postal charges are £3 in Britain and $6 in North America. In North America we are at present offering the books only as these are what we have in stock there. Shipping DVDS from Britain is not possible at these prices, unfortunately.

You can pay via Paypal on this website and send details to me at  - just tell me exactly what you want and it will be shipped the next working day.

Help get the truth out while there is yet time, before darkness closes in and the truth will be suppressed. This is a non-profit making venture, as are all our ministry endeavours.


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'Little children, guard yourselves from idols.' (Idol - anything or anyone, dead or alive, that you kneel down to, pray to, or give the reverence which belongs to God alone.)
1 John 5:21

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