Thank God for Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, who will not enforce any unconstitutional orders!

One of  America's patriotic  sheriffs has put his foot down.  Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has sent an official letter to Vice President Biden saying that he will not obey any executive order which is unlawful and unconstitutional.  

Furthermore, Sheriff Gilbertson states:  'The Sheriff’s Office is the supreme law enforcement officer over their county and the federal government cannot supersede that legal authority.'

Wow!  That's telling them!  Sheriff Gilbertson is based in Oregon.  Can the rest of us please move there?   Are there any other sheriffs out there with the brains to know that Sheriff Gilbertson is right and the backbone to stand with him?

America was founded as a constitutional republic, based on the Constitution.  It is not a dictatorship to be ruled by Executive Orders.

Here is the whole story.

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Genesis 6:17

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